About Me

Welcome to I Give You The Verbs. It’s great to (virtually) see you!

My name is Annette, I live in Melbourne, Australia, and this blog is my happy place.

You’ll find posts about my wanderings, wonderings and (my love of) words here. It won’t take you long to work out that I am obsessed with dappled light, the power of words, taking photos and writing. I get cranky when I’m stuck behind a slow driver, I like to keep my house neat, but not necessarily clean, and I’m in a very satisfying, though non-exclusive, long term relationship with chocolate.

The Verbs might be where I write, but I truly want it to be a place for conversation, where you can relax, kick off your shoes, and share your stories. Don’t stand on ceremony – ask a question, correct a typo (god forbid!), tell me what you think… drop an F-bomb if that’s how you roll, but don’t drop your manners please.

I am a huge social media fan, so if you hang out there too, feel free to follow and say hi on Instagram @igiveyoutheverbs, like my Facebook page, or follow me on Twitter @theverbsblog. Every Sunday I share my very non-cheffy baking on Instagram, via the hashtag #sundaybakingsunday. Join in, it’s loads of fun. And I’m always curious about how people find me, so I’d love to know how you got here.

I’ve just started writing about my low salt life, #mylowsaltlife, after being diagnosed with heart failure in April 2017. You’ll find posts about my adventures in low sodium eating under the menu heading My Low Salt Life. I’ve also added new social media accounts to share my ‘new normal’ with those who are interested. Just search @myylowsaltlife on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and you’ll find me.

Make yourself at home, putting your feet on the furniture is not only acceptable, but encouraged.


Annette x

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