8/2015 – eight isn’t enough!

Hello art lovers! Welcome to #paintisaverb 8/2015. I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but one-sixth of 2015 has already rushed by. There are only 44 weeks of #52paintings to go. 

How was your week? 

Were you flat out, with no time for creativity? Or were you able you prioritise some time with the hook, the brushes, charcoal, clay, your musical instrument or other creative outlet? 

I’m still working on making – not finding – time for creative pursuits as well as earning a living. 

It all takes discipline doesn’t it? Even, and perhaps especially, the fun stuff! 

Drumroll please…. here’s the art. 

Spot The Dot

Shape Shifters 8/2015 

Connected Hearts 8/2015

 I painted this with someone specific in mind, but now that I look at it again, days later, I see other meanings and potentialities in it. Isn’t that a great thing about art? An artist can mean something very specific as they create, imbuing the canvas with that emotion and mood, but the viewer can see something totally of their own – as they respond to the work. I love that! 

Do you want to tell me what you see? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment. And remember, there’s no right or wrong here!  

The Verbs 8/2015

 Here’s to SEEING rather than judging art – and people, and situations and well, everything can benefit from quiet reflection don’t you think? 

Keep creating! 


Annette x 

2 thoughts on “8/2015 – eight isn’t enough!

  1. all good Annette! yes it takes discipline!
    I see that you are improving with your paintings!
    that is me observing and being objective!
    not judging, just having a trained eye!
    I see you are going into the light like me! … it’s my projection too!
    enjoy your creative pursuits! … reflection is what give us balance I think!
    cheers m:)X


    • Oh thanks Merilyn! I don’t know what’s “better” or not (except when it’s awful!), I’m just liking what I like. Have done more playing today. So great to have found this creative outlet.


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