Whoop & Holler

Blood test. Blue skies. Dappled light. Colour. Drugs. Bed. 

That about sums up my week. 

It seems I may have whooping cough, the tests haven’t been conclusive so far. Aside from all of the coughing and snuffling and wheezing and aggravation, aside from keeping an eagle eye out for pregnant ladies and small babies when I’ve dashed to the supermarket, or waited for prescriptions in the chemist, it has been a week of surrendering to whatever lurgy is lurking in my respiratory system. 

Much as I would have loved not to have coughed so hard that I gave myself a thumping headache for several days running, I’m not that powerful. None of us are. We mostly go through life thinking we are in control, but we aren’t really.

What I have felt this week is incredibly grateful to be able to see a doctor and pick up prescriptions with ease. 

When I needed a blood test, then a nasal swab (eeeew!) I just popped upstairs from the doctor’s office and was in and out in a matter of minutes. Yes, going to the doctor twice in a week was expensive, especially as I’m not working, but my Medicare rebate was in my bank account before I got home from the doctor, and when my mum dropped some cans of soup off for me earlier in the week (keeping her distance!), she kindly gave me enough cash to cover one doctor’s visit outright. Thanks mum. 

By Thursday I was suffering cabin fever, and the weather was so beautiful that I went for a leisurely drive in the hills. 

I swear if you hooked me up to monitors, you’d see the instantaneous, relaxing impact that turning off the highway and driving under the canopy of tall trees and lush ferns has on me, aahhhhhh it’s palpable. 

So, even though I am feeling pretty shithouse at times, I also feel deeply appreciative of all that I have around me. 

I appreciate the colours and crunch of toast smeared with Vegemite and avocado, a tall glass of orange juice, the crisp joy of fresh sheets, and the way my small blue chopping board complements the discarded shell of the avocado I’ve just enjoyed. 

I appreciate messages from friends and good wishes and online banter. 

I appreciate that I can sketch and paint whenever I want to, and observe beauty all around me. 

I appreciate this blog, where I can share things and make connections with fantastic people. 

Life is good. 

I hope you’re not whooping like I am, but more than that, even if it’s done quietly, I really hope that you have something to holler about today. 

Keep looking up friends, the sky has us covered. 


Annette xx