I give you the sketch

When I started this blog two and a half years ago (wow, how time flies!) I thought it would be all about giving you the verbs, and the nouns, and the adjectives, in snappy sentences and witty paragraphs. 

Little did I know that along the way, I would discover new creative passions in drawing and painting. It’s funny what you don’t know until you do, isn’t it? And even funnier what you’re convinced you can’t do. 

As last year came to a close, I decided to undertake a year long creative project. 

I decided that I would sketch every day in 2016, that’s 366 consecutive days. 

I began here, with a sketch of my creative space. 

Day 1 of #IGYTsketch

I’m happy, and a little bit proud, that I have just crossed the half way point of my self-imposed challenge. 

Yippee! It’s all downhill from here, or something like that. 

I haven’t drawn every single day; I’d give myself about 95% in the consistency stakes, but I have drawn 188 times, with sketch 189 still to come for today. 

Some days I’ve picked up a pen, some days I’ve picked up a paintbrush, some days I’ve done both, and forming the daily habit of creating something, no matter how rushed or laboured, has given me a great deal of pleasure. 

I wanted to mark the half way milestone by sharing some of my daily sketches and paintings with you, because I’ve had such lovely encouragement of my beginner’s efforts. 

Honestly, I doubt that I would have kept going without the affirmation I’ve received. 

We never really know how much our encouragement of others means do we? 

That’s why I’m such a fan of saying out loud the positive things we think when we read a great article, or taste a delicious meal, or see a painting that makes us happy, or love someone’s speech, or shoes, or smile. It only takes a moment to say “that was so great/your words really moved me/thank you for sharing that” or tweet someone a high five, or shoot an email to a friend, or even a writer or artist whose style speaks to you. 

I can’t possibly pick my favourites, so I offer this sampling of the past 188 days. 

I give you the sketch…

Self portrait

Mid-century moment

The first thing I pack now – my art supplies

Whooo me?

Abstract no. 1


The beginnings of a collaboration

The end result. Thanks Rach!

Winter Peaks

Doorstep inspiration


House plants


Oooh I’m half way there…

Are you a sketcher? A doodler? A maker? A creative dreamer? 

Fan the flame. You never know what it might ignite. 


Annette xx 


All my daily sketches are on Instagram @igiveyoutheverbs, you can search for them using my hashtag #IGYTsketch, and by month using #IGYTsketchJanuary etc.