Everything old is new again – a trip to the Antiques Bazaar

Today I ventured out to a hashtag I’ve seen recently on Instagram, #waverleyantiquesbazaar, which luckily for me exists in the real world too.

My friend Krissy and I wandered around for a couple of hours, and  didn’t see everything, or even half of everything on the floor.

Seriously, that place is HUGE!

Stall after stall after stall, row upon row, of furniture, bric-a-brac, clothes, glassware, junk, trinkets, tools, duck decoys, kitchen paraphernalia, ladders, jewellery, books, lamps and more – ranging from the ridiculously overpriced, to bargain finds.

Hmmm, can they really be antiques if there’s new stock arriving daily? Quite the conundrum! (I think it would be more properly named a Vintage Market, though the TYPO portfolio I saw didn’t seem very vintage-y.)

antiques warehouse sign




These four items epitomise the variety in this emporium of domestic detritus – amazing and raunchy lamps, old jars by the thousands, a KILLER chandelier and a killed animal. The chandelier was really, truly amazing – my photo doesn’t do it justice.
If I was planning any kind of renovation that required lighting, this baby would be top of my wish list. She was beautiful.

yellow typewriter


I think this was my favourite find of the day, because TYPEWRITER. And for bonus points, YELLOW. Swoon….

What occurred to me as we wandered around, oohing and aahing, sometimes in delight, sometimes in bewilderment, was that most of these items probably had past lives as functional, even mundane objects in people’s homes. All those jars and bottles, rotary telephones and telephone tables, the armchairs and dining chairs, lamps and pliers have belonged to someone, or a series of someones. They’ve been held, sat on, talked into, slept in, cursed and oohed and aahed over as brand new, possibly quite extravagant purchases. They’ve witnessed family celebrations and traumas, and eventually were discarded, as their usefulness expires, or  fashions change.

And around and around we go, things go out of fashion, then rush back in about a generation and a half later, and we’re out in droves on weekends to trawl markets, trendy strips of vintage furniture stores in the inner suburbs, or day-trip it out to rural ‘antiques’ hot spots, all looking for pieces of our collective past to decorate our oh-so-individual present and futures.

We’re creatures of habit, and seekers of treasure.


Some of my most treasured possessions are the ones with family history. I’ll pop a few pics up on Instagram, and tag them #familytreasurepics. Do you have anything in your home that belonged to your grandparents or parents?








Tuesday Travels

I decided to make the most of the sunshine, and venture out and explore today.

After a delicious cup of coffee and a banana and walnut muffin (fresh from the verbs kitchen) I headed out.



I’d asked my qulit making friend Mandi of www.poppyfoxathome.com where I could find great fabrics, and she pointed me to a local supplier without missing a beat.

What a cornucopia of craft supplies I stumbled into. I actually stopped in my tracks at the front door to take it all in. Wowsers!

fabricsfabric explosion


There were hundreds and hundreds of fabrics, in more colours, patterns and textures than I had ever seen. I wandered up and down the narrow aisles, wondering where the heck to start. It was a revelation to me, as a first-time craft/fabric store visitor.

After looking at fabrics for a while, I chose these bad boys. I’m going to use them for photography backgrounds here on the blog. I may even get my iron out, so they will all be nice and crisp. As a general rule, I simply do not iron, for anyone – so that tells you how pumped I am about practicing my photography.


photo 5


After extracting myself from fabric heaven, I meandered a little further afield and found a pretty spot for lunch, where I enjoyed three of life’s great pleasures; coffee, people watching and dappled light. I am mildly obsessed with dappled light, as you’re sure to see if you become a regular visitor here.


photo 4 (2)


I think Tuesday Travels could become a regular occurrence, while my Tuesdays are free – I love hopping in the car, with some (or no) sense of where I’m going, and seeing where the road leads me.

As I made my way home, I saw these gorgeous houses – I love me a picket fence or pretty gate.


photo 2 (3)

photo 1

photo 2 (2)

I hope that you too are travelling well on this sunny Tuesday.