Christmas Creativity

Perhaps it’s living without kids, perhaps it is pushing back against the idea that Christmas has been “on sale” in the major department stores for more than 100 days already, but I can be a slow adapter when it comes to festive feelings and matching home decor. 

This week one of the girls at the office dug out their big box of tinsel, and decorated the office in a sweet, haphazard way. It made me happy, so I got out my calico bag of baubles earlier in the week and got my Christmas on. 

This week has also been a cracker (see what I did there?) for my letterbox. 

Three days running I have received beautiful gifts, sweet cards and encouraging words. 

A really fun parcel arrived from my Blog With Pip Secret Santa! Thank you Ammber ❤️

As Wednesday is the end of my working week, today has a distinct “Saturday” vibe – pjs, coffee and toast at 10, laundry, dishes… and tree painting! 

No, not the trees outside, the ply Christmas trees I bought last year. They’re coming up a treat and I’m thinking next year this might be a great gift idea for friends – perhaps a new take on giving Christmas cards? 

I’m expanding my ideas of what creative skills and gifts I have. I’m busting out the sketch pad, the watercolours, and the words here on my blog. 

At 46 and 3/4 it really encourages me that I sat and drew something today, for the first time in decades. I enjoyed it, even though I don’t really think I’ve got much creative skill with the pencils. 

It leaves me wondering, if we approached Christmas as an opportunity for creativity, rather than a slog through credit card driven consumerism, how much less stressful might it be? 

Today, I’m painting trees and feeling uber relaxed, and mildly chuffed with myself. 

How’s your Christmas shaping up? Do you decorate the house? Make gifts? Spill! 

Jingle all the way, 

Annette x