Travelling Light

Good morning. 

Do you like to travel? 

Last weekend I was away from home, and it was so great. 

Quiet in the clouds


This weekend, I am at home, and that is great too. 

Though I had a sensational time last weekend, I’m definitely a homebody kind of person. I love my place, and my space.  I love being quiet. 

I’ve been reading a few posts this week about the event that plane took me too last weekend, which was a blogging conference. There are so many things to “take away” from big events like that, action plans to implement, changes to make, products to launch, contacts to follow up. 

So many things. 

Here’s what I’ve taken from it – I travelled lighter this year and found that freeing. 

Yes, physically my luggage was much lighter, and smaller, thank goodness, but I also feel like I went with less fear and anxiety and worry about fitting in and networking and being, well, shazam-y. 


This year I worried much less about clothes or fitting in, topics which understandably seemed to create a lot of anxiety for people. I rocked my usual style of being pretty casual. Jeans, or my new and oh-my-God-so-comfy 17 Sundays joggers, throw on a top of some description, and I’m good to go. 

I think that the shift in my attitude allowed me to meet people in a relaxed way. I met some fabulous people, and I hope the seeds of some new friendships were sown. 

The content of the conference was great, it always is, and the sessions I liked best were the ones delivered with passion and enthusiasm. 

Some people are drawn to conferences because of the international “headliners”. Though they’re great at what they do, I couldn’t give two figs about anyone’s global reach or follower count. Last year I’d never heard of the headliners, it was the same this year. 

Darren Rowse

This session alone was worth the price of admission. 

Darren Rowse, Mr ProBlogger, asked us about ourselves, our purpose and how we use our time. 

These things have nothing to do with blogging per se, and they’re the bedrock of it. 

What Darren pointed out was, like everything in life, the stuff we produce on our blogs, comes from who and how we are. 

When we are living well, pursuing the things that light us up, taking care of ourselves, our blogs will show that. 

When we run ourselves ragged, jam too much in, or stop caring, that shows up too. 

That’s why I’m here, typing while the sun comes up this morning. 

I want to write from who I am. I want everything here to be real, and hopefully relatable. 

I’m not selling anything, making money, or plotting becoming the biggest blogger in the world. 

I don’t want those things. 

I just want you. 

I want you to read along with me, to teach me, perhaps to learn from me, or see something from a different perspective. 

I want to make you laugh and think and reflect. 

I really want you to pick up a paint brush or pencil and express your creativity! That stuff is gold. 

Maybe this little blog will never “go” anywhere, maybe it will. That’s not the point of it. 

The point of it is what’s happening right now. 

After I hit publish on this, you’ll be reading these words and I just want to remind you this morning that you matter, that you CAN be the person you want to be and that this is a place where dreamers are welcomed. 


Like Darren, I want to know, how are you? Not in a supermarket check out convo way, but really… how are you? 

What lights you up? What frustrates you? 

If you had one wish for yourself (not your kids or your partner), and one wish for the world, what would they be? 

My answers orbit around these themes – self-acceptance, creativity, and encouragement.  

They are my lofty goals, and little by little, I’m living them out. 

How about you? 


With enthusiasm, 

Annette x 


PS I love hearing from you! Use that comment section ✌🏼️