I give you the… Summer Holiday Planner!

It’s finally within sight – Christmas holidays… yaaaahhhoooooooo!!!!

Even though it has been many years (ahem, decades) since I was a school kid, I’m tempted to skip up and down the hallway today singing:

                No more pencils, no more books! No more teacher’s dirty looks!

Instead, I’m going to make sure I remember to empty the office fridge, check that everything’s ship shape, flip the lights off and then drive off into the scorching afternoon heat, and into three weeks of blissful holidays. Phew!

I don’t make grand plans for time off. I know there will be lots of lazing about and doing a whole lotta not much, or a little of this and a little of that. That’s my kind of good time. 

Having just said I don’t make plans, I did create this snazzy planner for my upcoming break. 

There may well be more 7 and 11 days than 6, I know 13 will happen daily, and I’m hoping to roll a 4 more than once, and perhaps make 9, 8 and 5 a combo. 17 is supposed to be carrot cake, but it may end up being a pizza. 

Hmm, perhaps I should create a board game? 

Mostly, I’m looking forward to filling in each square as I please. Taking time to do whatever I fancy. What a treat!

Time to unwind and shake of the stress that comes with working to deadlines.

Time to sit on the couch and watch the morning light creep across my wall. 

Time to draw, to sketch, to paint.

Time to blog, and to read. 

Time to hop in the car and go for a no-destination-in-mind drive in the hills.

Time to sit in a café and enjoy a scrummy lunch.

Time for hanging with family and friends.

Library time.

Gallery time. 

Movie time.

Baking time. 

Thinking time. 

Dream time.

Me time.


That prospect makes me toe-scrunchingly happy. 

Here’s to summer holidays, to not having to set the alarm, to happily full-tummied Christmas afternoon naps, to lazy days and busy days, and to our thoughts turning to 2016, pondering what’s been and what’s to come. 

Tick tock,

Annette x



Thank you for sharing 2015 with me. I’ll probably write some ponder-y posts over the next few weeks, I always find the end of the year puts me in that frame of mind.