Taking stock – the May edition

Of the many awesome things I’m learning from Pip Lincolne in the Blog With Pip course, I really like this exercise of taking stock every now and then. The list is hers, and changes regularly, and the responses are mine. Here we go!

Making : Carrot, Date and Honey Loaf, and toast, and risotto, and plans. (making/cooking – tomato, tomayto)
Cooking : New things. I’m trying to expand my culinary repertoire, and it is paying off. Try this amazing chicken soup.
Drinking : Coffee, but wanting a glass of Mojo sauv blanc.
Reading: Lots of blogs like this one by Rachel and this one by Anna.
Wanting: To sit and talk.
Looking: Mighty fine! But seriously folks, at trees, and autumn leaves, and ahead.
Playing: John Mayer
Deciding: To follow my heart’s desire – plan of action still in the works
Wishing: For free internet access at home!
Enjoying: Autumn – check out my #crushingonautumn pics on Instagram
Waiting: Hmmm, on opportunities? Nothing pressing springs to mind.
Liking: New connections with the talented, smart, funny, giving, clever clogs bunch at Blog With Pip. #Pipsters forever.
Wondering: What this bloggy business might lead to.
Loving: The Wondering.
Pondering: How things will fit together.
Considering: My options.
Watching: DVDs from the library, about architecture, and Jane Austen, and Elton John. 
Hoping: To stay connected to the loving and pondering and considering and deciding.
Marvelling: At the force of the feelings that last night’s epiphany brought.
Needing: Comrades for the road ahead.
Smelling: Cut grass as I drove along the freeway this week, a contender for best smell ever, along with the smell of rain or the sea.
Wearing: My awesome 17 Sundays cardigan (check my Instagram feed @igiveyoutheverbs for the look (on me, and the model!)
Following: My instincts – though I don’t really know the how or when, I’m following.
Noticing: How blue the sky has been lately. Stunning. Humbling. Uplifting.
Knowing: That I will not regret following my instincts.
Thinking: About how lucky I am. About how to do the Following bit.
Feeling: Inspired, with a measure of trepidation.
Admiring: ALL of my Blog With Pip classmates, women like Ashley and Sarah. Go ladies!
Sorting: My thoughts, and expectations about how things should be.
Buying: Not much, money’s tight.
Getting: Happy – by tuning in to what I really want.
Bookmarking: I’m a Bloglovin’ kinda gal more than a bookmarker.
Disliking: Negative words, especially the notion that a person’s efforts should be apologised for – small steps are powerful and beautiful!
Opening: My mind and my locked up heart.
Giggling:  With my niece, who invited me to tickle her on Sunday. I obliged.
Feeling: Good. Happy tired. Expectant.
Snacking: On all the things. I’m a champion snacker.
Coveting: Okay, I’m gonna be honest. A bit more cash.
Wishing: To always be open to the possibilities.
Helping: Myself to the JOY of encouraging others.
Hearing: My soul speak.

Gosh that’s good stuff. Mindfully pondering what is going on in my life.

I highly recommend it to you too.


Annette x