Autumnal Joy

I love autumn. 

Let’s make this crystal clear – I adore it, always have, always will.

Let me count the ways… 

The chill in the mornings and evenings. 

The colours. 

The changes that autumn signifies. 

Dusting off the slow cooker, planning your Easter break – autumn’s here! 

I love the end of daylight savings, when we all feel like hopping into bed at 8.30pm because it’s so dark it must be later. 

Needing a blanket. 

Grabbing a cardigan. What is better than cardigan weather!? 

That smell when your neighbour lights their fire for the first time. 

The crunch of leaves underfoot. 

It makes me so happy!! 

It’s kind of like seasonal puppy love. And I’ve got it bad. 

The light. 

The sky. Just look at it! 

I feel like these flowers today, joyful and bright and content to just be me. 

I hope you feel like that too. 

Try looking at all the beauty around you this weekend, even if you’re busy. When you’re at the traffic lights – look at the sky, not your phone. At the sports ground early with the kids? Grab a coffee and look at the trees. Aren’t trees magnificent? 

Autumn reminds me that it all just goes on – this life, the seasons, the sun rises and sets, day after week after month after year… and we can’t control any of it, so let’s REVEL in it. 

I feel so grateful to be here today. Life is beautiful. 

Are you in? 

Let’s REVEL in autumnal joys. 

Yours in a cardigan,

Annette xx