The pleasures of snail mail, and baking

Hello Sunday morning – rain falling on the roof, the warmth and whirring of the heater, birds chirping outside, and the joy of my first cup of coffee for the day. I like Sundays.

I don’t know if it’s a winter thing, a getting older thing, or just a Sunday morning thing, but more and more I am enjoying, and craving, simple pleasures and moments. Perhaps that’s why I am enjoying the rhythm of baking every Sunday and sharing that here and on Instagram. (Don’t forget to play along – just bake, snap and tag #sundaybakingsunday.)

This morning I’ve made a choc coconut slice and a square tinned “loaf” of banana bread, just to mix things up.

The choc coconut slice isn’t from a recipe book, and I didn’t find it online.

It’s a recipe that was sent to me with a handwritten letter and a gift. Thanks Pia!

Pia is one of my Blog With Pip classmates and you can follow her adventures here.

Here’s the recipe Pia sent me:

Pia recipe


And here’s the result!

choc coconut slice



I’m saving the sampling until after lunch (or at least breakfast). This slice was so quick and easy to put together and smells and looks delicious!

Do you have any handwritten recipes in your collection? Handed down through the generations, or shared by a friend?

Knowing that Pia took a few minutes to write me a letter, adding a gift, well two if you include this recipe (which I do!) and finding an envelope, a stamp and the time to pop the letter into a mail box – these things remind me that there’s kindness in the world, and plenty of it. Her letter and gifts made me smile and feel good, they were a real boost in a crappy week.

Sure, she could have sent me a link to the recipe on Facebook or via email (and I am a fan of those methods too), but I’m really chuffed that I have a favourite “feeling a bit shite” comfort recipe of hers, in her lovely handwriting, which I get to share with you.

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday, and that you might be inspired to get out your recipe folder and bake something, perhaps from a handwritten recipe someone kind once sent you.

Time for a second cuppa, and maybe a cheeky square of Pia’s choc coconut slice!

Have a great day.


Annette x