Lately I’ve been…


I haven’t written in a while. Who knew life without a job could feel so busy?

How are you? Well? Happy? A bit snowed under? 

Here’s a little update on what’s been happening lately. 

BIG NEWS first, I was asked to contribute an article for the Uniting Church magazine, Crosslight, as part of anti-poverty week, which was last week, and you can read it here. My first freelance piece. Hooray! I’m so fancy I even organised myself an ABN. Let the empire building commence! 

In the ongoing search for other paid work, I’ve been a bit miffed by a few silly HR people. I’m sure the two I encountered are the minority, but geez, I copped stupid questions and a lecture-y tone from one, and had another lurking in my peripheral line of sight while I was part of a group interview. She then berated the standard answers to the dry as chips questions we were asked, without even introducing herself. Not cool. Not cool at all. 

I went to a fantastic bloggers’ meet up last week, hosted in my ‘hood at Our Little Caravan. I was a bit grumpy when I got there, I needed caffeine, but I perked up and the morning turned into afternoon as we chatted blogs, life, apologising for no reason, feminism, careers, craft and all of the things. 

Inchmeal Cafe 👌🏼


It was FANTASTIC to meet new people and see newish pals again. Such great ladies, and such a pretty, crafty shop and cafe. Yay for that! Put Inchmeal Cafe on your must-visit list if you’re in Melbourne’s south-east, and enjoy browsing through the gorgeous handmade wares while you’re there. 

I’m off to the op shop again today, where I’m involuntarily volunteering. My red apron is super snazzy and the people I’m working with are fun and friendly. I’m finding treasures and sharing them on Instagram using the hashie #opshoptreasures. Yesterday I found baby helmets. True story. 

I’ve snagged a pile of books which I’m looking forward to diving into, and I scored myself a groovy scarf yesterday. Yay for op shops! 

People have started talking about Christmas, a lot, shoosh!! Not ready to see the end of another year quite yet. 

Spring is swinging wildly between ferocious winds and rain and beautifully mild days. Go Melbourne! 


Kindness continues to come knocking, and on Saturday I met up with an Instagram pal, Lisa, who gave me a beautiful calendar by one of my favourite artists/illustrators, Lisa Congdon. Thank you Lisa! 

Artistically, I’m in a bird phase, which is fun! Can’t believe I’m almost up to day 300 of my daily sketching project for 2017. Chirp chirp!! 

That’s about all from me, I hope that you’re enjoying spring or autumn, wherever you are. I confess I’m already looking forward to autumn again, especially when I see amazing photos of fall foliage on Instagram. Happy sigh. 

In the meantime, here’s to blue skies and counting our blessings. 

Later ‘gator, 

Annette xx