Taking Stock – January 2019

Hello friends! 

I am going to take stock of this life of mine, Pip Lincolne style. Pip’s lovely blog Meet Me At Mike’s is the home of the Taking Stock list and it’s rad exercise, for bloggers and non-bloggers alike. 

Making: money, honey! I went back to work this week and I like it. 

Cooking: lentil and beef bolognese and some kind of roast vegetable salad for the coming week. 

Sipping: ice-block clinking glasses of lemon cordial and soda water. 

Reading: Boys Will Be Boys by the incredible Clementine Ford. I admire her mind and her determination. 

Looking: at beautiful fluffy clouds and technicolour sunsets aplenty. Hashtag and all, #lookup. 

Listening: to new podcasts. I just binged my way through NPR’s Believed. 

Wishing: it was autumn already. I am not a summer lovin’ gal. 🍃🍂🌾🍁

Enjoying: those fresh hair feels. I feel extra snazzy when I have freshly hair cut. 💇🏼

Waiting: for cardigan weather. 🍂🌾🍃

Buying: The Big Issue. 

Watching: Salvation and Last Tango In Halifax on Netflix, Top Chef on Foxtel and The Circus on Stan. Great shows! 

Hoping: to plan a proper little holiday for the coming end of year break. Any suggestions? Should I cruise?  

Needing: new everyday shoes. Is my ideal flat out there? I hope so. 

Wearing: right now? Red cotton owl print pj pants and a charcoal tee shirt, because #fashionblogger 

Following: new foodie accounts to keep @mylowsaltlife on track. I like @vegiehead and @halloumitracksuit. 

Noticing: what a difference it makes when I plan, shop and food prep. Good food takes effort, and it’s so worth it.


Sorting: the shiz out of my wardrobe, KonMari style. It was an invigorating process. 

Getting: back in the swing of food prepping on the weekends. Following through is a habit I need to practice. 

Saving: money. I’ve got a plan in place; every little bit counts. 

Coveting: air conditioning in the bedroom and kitchen of my small, weatherboard, utterly insulation free house. 

Opening: a parcel from 17 Sundays and expecting one from Add To Cart in a few days. Yippee. 

Feeling: fine, and in need of a good night’s sleep. 

Hearing: the fictional bad guys and good guys arguing over the fate of the world. 

Obsessing: over Lady Gaga’s immense talents. I think she is quite brilliant. A true artist. 

That’s about it for me! 

If you’d like to take stock, in your journal or blog, or on Facebook or Instagram, you can find a blank list on Pip’s blog. 

Now, I’ve got to get back to the bad guys and good guys, the fate of the world is still undecided! Only 81 days until the (fictional) killer asteroid destroys us all. 

Hugs and high fives, 

Annette ❤️❤️