Colour me happy

This morning I was doing the most mundane of tasks, dealing with a sink full of dishes – but when I looked down, the combination of the suds and the yellow and white patterns caught my eye, so I rushed down the house to get my trusty iPhone and snap a few shots.


Some days the dishes are just a necessary evil – another task among many to get through, and on other days you look down into the sink and see beauty. I’m glad I saw that this morning – in mugs from Coles and IKEA. It put me in a great frame of mind.

Yellow mugs and sudsy water – incidental happiness. That leads me to wondering about the power of colour in every day things.

I have found myself observing the world more consciously lately. From admiring the trees shedding their autumn fashions, to the sharp contrast between building facades and a bright blue sky, or a grey cloud filled sky and the vibrancy of a red traffic light, I’m looking for colour and pattern, and finding that the looking brings me happiness.

I am being exposed to more colour than usual through an online creativity course I’m doing. There are lessons and activities, links to videos and articles about amazing artists and creative people I’ve never heard of, and a few I know, and it is all meshing with something that starting this blog has sparked in me – the desire to SEE things.

To see where I am, who I am, where I’m going and how different ordinary things can look if you are mindful of them being more than obstacles, or background scenery or just, well, ordinary.

So today I just wanted to share some of the colour in my world, and urge you to see the colour in yours.

I bought some oil pastels yesterday for an assignment for my creativity course. I got them from the kids’ craft section – very apt for my level of artistry! I think they are beautiful.


Whether you are faced with the colours of this morning’s breakfast dishes in your kitchen sink, or a fruit bowl overflowing with limes and oranges, or the view of your garden, these ordinary things, if you allow them to register, can colour you happy.

What are you noticing that is bringing a smile to your face?


What colours make you happy? They could come from very unexpected places, if you let them.


Annette x