Kitchen time – Sunday baking Sunday


Sunday always seems the perfect day for a spot of baking, especially now that it’s not so hot anymore. Quick, to the kitchen – before the weather changes!

I bought these great new pans recently (on sale if you don’t mind) and have been waiting for bake-spiration to strike.

new tins


I decided to modify an already modified muffin recipe I had on hand, and create some Raspberry & White Chocolate Cakey-Muffins.


2 cups SR flour

1 cup brown sugar

2 eggs

1/2 cup oil (I used olive oil – 80% regular and then some zingy lemon olive oil)

3/4 cup milk (you could use buttermilk, but with the lemon olive oil, I didn’t bother)

1 tsp vanilla extract

approx. 1 cup of white choc bits (or however many makes you happy)

approx. 1 cup of frozen raspberries (I used as many as made me happy)

So, I threw the dry ingredients together, whisked up the wet ingredients in my trusty measuring jug, and then combined the two.

Then I tossed in the choc bits and frozen berries, gave them another quick mix and then spooned them into four of my new spring form tins.

oven ready

My oven was pre-heated like a boss and I baked them at 180 celsius for hmm maybe 20 – 25 minutes – the old clean skewer test is your best bet.



Once they cooled – I always find that bit the most difficult to endure – I decided to be all fancy pants and try ‘plating’ one up.

Don’t worry Donna Hay, your day job is safe – for now!




tasty treat



So, now that I’ve made you all drool, I’m off to make a cuppa and enjoy the fruits of my baking.

Happy Sunday. What’s cooking in your kitchen? Share it with me on Instagram using the #sundaybakingsunday tag.