Taking Stock: February


February is almost over already… can you believe that?! Great time for a stock take, don’t you think? 

I’ll dive right in, with thanks to Pip Lincolne for the prompts. 

Making: Marks, using watercolours and pen. 

Cooking: Burgers. Lentil and mushroom bolognese. Roast carrot salad. I’m mad for carrots. 

Drinking: Lemonade with a splash of raspberry cordial. Soda water and lemon cordial. Coffee to start the day. Water. 

Reading: This great book, and enjoying reflecting on how much we owe to women of the past. Thank you Marjorie! 


Next read: Not sure yet. I have plenty of unread books to choose from. 

Wanting: To know how much I actually need to know to feel okay. It’s a conundrum. 

Looking: Up. I highly recommend it. 

Enjoying: That I can sense autumn lurking on our collective doorstep. The leaves are already changing and falling. 

Waiting: Is difficult. You can get stuck in overthinking and worst case scenarios.

Buying: Soda water, olive oil, canned goods, tissues, lemon cordial and toilet paper by the trolley load! I am stocking up for my recovery period; no heavy lifting allowed. 

Watching: Sarah Off The Grid. Top Chef Colorado. Scandal. Project Runway All Stars. 

Next watch: Hard Sun. 

Hoping: My pacemaker op goes boringly routinely and I have a hassle free recovery. 

Marvelling: That I will have a pacemaker inside me in less than two weeks. Two weeks! 

Cringing: At the thought of the actual procedure. Ugh. 

Needing: To remain positive, to plan as much as I can and then just let it all go. Control is an illusion. 

Questioning: The blindness of some sectors of the USA. How can they not see they desperately need better gun control? 

Smelling: Rain. And stinky body odour from next door. #grossneighbours

Wearing: Denim shorts, a crop top and a stripey tee. Fashion is my life. 

Worrying: Trying not to. Mostly succeeding. 

Noticing: Clouds. Branches. Crooked paintings. Typos. 

Knowing: I’m lucky to have a boss who hasn’t thrown up his hands at all the sick leave I’ve needed to take in the past year. 

Admiring: Glennon Doyle. Revolution and coffee, that’s the way. 

Getting: Myself and my house ready for my pretty much one-armed, can’t reach for things recovery. It’s coming along. 

Coveting: Nothing but a small pile of extra cash, but I can get by without it. 

Disliking: Guns and the way some people confuse their “freedom” and owning weapons designed to maim and kill.

Feeling: Good, if a titch unsettled, I’ll be glad when March is mostly over. 

Snacking: Corn chips, carrot sticks and avocado dip. Mmmm so crunchy! 

Opening: Some lovely mail lately. It’s so heartening to receive handwritten cards and letters from people.

How about you? 

What are you pondering, admiring, making and most importantly, snacking on? 

Tell me everything! 

Here’s to a change of season, to releasing all that needs to fall away and embracing all the colour that bursts forth. 

Big hugs, 

Annette xx