Blogging every day in May challenge – Day 1

So I’m going to do a blogging challenge! The lovely ClaireyHewitt is hosting this linky extravaganza. Eek! Can I do it? Here goes. 

Day One – Describe your day in 100 words. 

Today was double job interview Thursday. 

Interview number one was at a law firm, and I was super early. 

I was nervous, time for self-talk… I can do this! The practice director was impressed with my experience, old school written references and obvious awesomeness. Going back for round two. Winning! 

Excellent latte at the cafe across the street – bonus points! 

Home for an hour, decided to rock a red lip, then off to interview two. Fancier digs, good meeting and again, asked back for round two. 

Confidence boosted!


So that was my day. What did you get up to??

(And yes, I busted the 100 word limit!)