Hello!  I am one week into the stay at home and work from home life. My art desk has become my work desk. Totes profesh, huh?!  When I stop for a quick lunch at the office, I usually check out BabyMac’s latest blog post. Works from my home desk too, with the bonus of a…

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  • Yonder Hills

    Yonder Hills

    Something I love about where I live in Melbourne is how close I am to the Dandenong Ranges.  Yesterday I had a bonus day off, so I decided to head up to one of my favourite spots in Sassafrass and enjoy some lunch.  Proserpina Bakehouse has THE most epic pizzas and pastries. I was introduced…

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  • Overcast Monday Q+A

    Overcast Monday Q+A

    Hello friends,  It’s a rainy/warm/overcast confused weather Monday here in Melbourne. Seems like the right kind of day to delve into a list of questions that come to me via Pip of Meet Me At Mikes. She stumbled on to them via a friend’s blog, who saw them on My Quiet Life In Suffolk. Phew!  The…

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  • These are for you, friends

    This weekend I have been thinking about the women in my life who are wonderful. That’s all of you really. Yep, that includes you, and especially you. That I have so many faces coming to mind strikes me as deeply special, as I have a weird predilection not to be too trusting, and to keep…

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  • Back to me

    John Mayer’s ‘Back to you’ ends with a variation to the chorus: Back to me, I know that it comes Back to me Doesn’t it scare you? The will is not as strong as it used to be. I’m fairly certain John wasn’t writing specifically about me and my creative life, yet when I opened…

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  • Did you really just say that?

      On Wednesday I posted about racism on the blog, and I made a statement that I now realise needs some expanding on. I didn’t add anything to that paragraph in the post at the time because I didn’t want to fall into the trap of making that statement and then saying ‘oh but not like that..’. Saying ‘I’m a racist’…

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  • Ratios to live by

      Fear not, this isn’t a blog post extolling the wonders of the 5:2 diet!  ‘New’ Atkins on the other hand, spruiked by the impossibly handsome Rob Lowe… kidding, I’m just kidding!    Lately I have been feeling neglectful of this space, yet when I try to write, nothing seems to flow. I’ve been thinking about this lack of flow…

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  • Here comes Spring

    Hello, do you feel the change in the air?  I do. The days are getting longer, the sun is flexing her muscles and shining more brightly, trees that have been bare for months are in bud, and the view is beautiful.  All of these changes are as old as time itself. Year after year, sometimes…

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  • Tree School Revisited

    Tree School Revisited

    One from the archives while I try and find my words again..   Trees have a kind of magical power in my life. (Thank you, Enid Blyton!)  When I look at them, I gain perspective.  Summer trees aren’t better than winter trees, because it’s not about the number of leaves a tree has, its about…

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  • Seasonal Notes: Autumn

    Hello, hello!   Hello?  Is this thing on?  Oh hi!  It’s been a while hasn’t it? Let’s not let that come between us, dear reader, as I have been thinking about you even while the blog has lain dormant for most of my favourite season.  Thank you Autumn, you were beautiful. 🍃🍃🌦🌦🍁🍁 There’s much to…

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