Re-entry mode: slow

Here in Melbourne people are taking wildly different approaches to being able to shop, see friends, go out for meals and do all the things they’ve missed.

I am most definitely in the slow lane, and happily so.

I’ve been getting out of the house, which has been great, but doing it in a low contact way. Yesterday for instance, I went for a sort of aimless drive which led me to a small suburban bakery in a side street, where I encountered maybe 10 people in total, all very nicely masked and spaced out. I bought myself some lunch (including double donuts) and then headed for a nearby park.

Loads of people were enjoying the beautiful spring sunshine and picnicking together-apart, but I decided to stay in my car and eat my lunch. The windows were down, the birds were chirping and the breeze was beautiful.

I noticed as I was leaving that some people were enjoying their lunches in the shady grassy spots within the tree-filled carpark and I thought, I might do that next time.

My groceries are still being delivered, as I’m not that keen on supermarkets, which seem to be paying no mind to how many people are shopping at once. Mask-wearing is starting to really irk me, so I’m doing my best to not need to wear one.

I did have an absolutely sensational, soul nourishing visit to my bubble buddy’s house on Friday night, where I ate the most magnificent lasagna of my lifetime.

Whichever way you’re coping, whether you’re coming out of Melbourne’s lockdown, living somewhere that hasn’t really been impacted, or facing a lockdown like my city has just endured, I urge you to do things your way – if you’re feeling emboldened to go out and do all the things, please enjoy yourself, and pay heed to the rules. If you’re not so keen to venture out, that’s A-OK too, don’t rush back into ‘normal’ mode.

One thing that shocked me, though it shouldn’t have, was the rush on KMart when it re-opened. People lined up at midnight, to go to the temple of fake brushed copper and blush pink home decor. Why? Still scratching my head over that one. Consumerism seems to have a stranglehold on some.

It’s Cup Day today, or as it is more likely to be remembered this year, the day before The Day of Reckoning. I’m nervous about the US election and will be watching results come in tomorrow and over coming days and possibly weeks. What is going to happen? None of us know, whatever the polls and pundits say.

Having time to go slowly is something I am very grateful for, not so much the circumstances that led me here, but there’s no changing that now. I am able to make lists of things I need to do around the house, or in other realms, like updating my CV, and cross them off without feeling much pressure. Soon enough I will be back on the hamster wheel of undertaking mutual obligations to receive my JobSeeker benefits, which will add more structure to my days.

Until then, I’m choosing to go slowly, to be mindful of my still very fortunate economic position in the global scheme of things and to remain positive and hopeful in a world where things seem as out-of-control as they’ve ever been. The times we feel more settled and in control are illusions, of course, but that’s a philosophical theme for another time!

Stay well, stay hopeful, go at your own pace.

Big love,

Annette xx

2 thoughts on “Re-entry mode: slow

  1. I imagine coming out of such a long lockdown could be very post-traumatic. Things reverberate, don’t they? I have been so impressed with your travel through such uncertainty, Nettie. You are a Rockstar AND a blogger and I love you. Thanks for giving us the verbs through it all, and beyond.
    The US election clutches my guts. I’ll be watching too. Wish I could join you on that shady spot under a tree, but when it happens, it’ll be that much sweeter. Big hugs to you!


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