Full Basket, Empty Sink


If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I enjoy marking the ritual of having a laundry basket full of clean folded clothes. 

There’s something satisfying about bringing clothes or sheets in off the Hills Hoist or clothes rack, piling them up next to me on the couch and methodically folding them. 

Pants – in half and then in half again, my particular undies fold (which is not KonMarie approved!), tees get the arms folded in then folded thrice… it’s familiar, rhythmic, part of the ritual of everyday life. 

Those rituals are more important than ever in “the time of Corona”. 

Tiny moments of calm and control help me stay calm and clear on the inside. 

This week I’ve made an effort to keep the dishes from piling up. When they pile up too high, when I run out of sugar spoons for my daily coffee, it messes with my insides staying calm and clear. 

Orderliness has always been part of my personality. I like things to be neat and squared away. I feel better when things are sorted. 


If only it was as easy to do that with the world around us, as it is with a laundry basket. 


I hope that you are finding ways to keep your insides calm and clear. 

Maybe laundry folding isn’t your thing – what a glamorous life I lead. Maybe it’s tending your garden, or a daily practice of yoga or creativity that keeps you motoring along. 

Whatever it is, don’t let it slip. 

Just keep folding, saluting the sun, writing, painting, hooking, and if you find yourself stuck for something to centre you, just pop outside and look up. We’re all under the same sky. 




Annette xx 

2 thoughts on “Full Basket, Empty Sink

  1. Whilst I am not a fan of #yougotthis (ungrammatical too) I do believe you HAVE got the ways in which to manage & balance the ordinary life to benefit you most. Rituals are important- undie folding is one – as is noticing what your mental health benefits from most. Lovely post.


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