The First Hundred Days

It has been exactly one hundred days. 

I checked. 

One hundred days since I last went to work, outside my house. 

One hundred days since I reached for the remote control to the building’s carpark. 

One hundred days.

The freeway lanes have changed. There are barricades up, and the emergency lane is now a traffic lane. 

The new rail overpass is finished. They’ve removed the old tracks I used to drive over, and laid fresh bitumen. 

I think they’ve painted the balustrade of the building’s spiral staircase, but I’m not sure. 

I missed 100 phone calls. 100 even, over 100 days. Isn’t that weird?

I missed watching a whole season unfold. 

Last time I was on the street where the office is, the trees were full of green leaves. 

Today, the trees were bare. 

I missed the everyday unfurling of autumn’s beauty. Just like that. 

I missed one hundred days of looking up as I drove to and from work. 

One hundred skies. Sob. 

Hundreds and hundreds of awesome songs on the radio. 

Cyclists, pedestrians, colleagues, packing leftovers for lunch, filling the car with petrol, deciding what to wear… all missed. 


I have missed these previously ordinary things, and I’ve come to enjoy the new rhythms of the last hundred days.


I wonder what the next hundred days will bring? 

I truly hope that we will see the curve flattened out again, as some parts of Melbourne go back into lockdown tonight. 


However your your last hundred days have been, I hope the next hundred are mostly good days. Days where you notice the light is different at 5pm, or you see evidence of a new season bursting into life. 

May there be lots of days when you really enjoy the people you are “stuck with” at home. May we continue to be kind to each other, appreciate what we have, and be the first ones to step back when public spaces we are sharing are tight. 

Let’s cook through our stockpiles of tinned tomatoes, chickpeas, rice and pasta before we fret about getting more. If you need TP, let me know!! 

A lot can happen in a hundred days. 

Don’t forget to #lookup, wash your hands, and keep me posted by dropping a comment below. 


Annette xx 





6 thoughts on “The First Hundred Days

  1. Wow! 100 days. Some days I look back and wonder where it went … all that time.

    Having recently come out of quarantine and finding myself with quiet space I realise A LOT happened in that time. There were the practical things, yes. But when I look back to how I felt, was and the things I battled at the beginning of the pandemic gosh there has been some shifting and adjusting. My landscape changed.

    I look forward to more sharing as the writers start writing. Reflective writing is one of my favourite styles.

    Looking up with you from across the oceans.

    F xx


  2. I have to admit my life didnt change for the worse, I am very lucky.
    This year feels like it is flying by and yet summer, the fires all seems like a lifetime ago.
    I’m finding the re entry hardest, I think mooching around home suits me, but that’s only because I’m lucky. I have space around me, I can see and hear the birds, the sky, the weather the changing of the seasons.
    I don’t know where I’m going with this comment so I think I’ll leave it for now, writing isn’t my strong point.
    Cheers Kate


    • It seems like time has come off its tracks. I went away for a few days in January, worrying about the fires, and now I’ve spent 100 days working from home. It’s so weird.


  3. Most days I go outside, just to look up at the sky, the clouds, the trees, to watch the magpies and talk to them when they stop by.
    It’s a new way to stay connected when human interaction is curtailed.
    We mark time in our own way. Observing and noticing the details always matters.


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