I am one week into the stay at home and work from home life. My art desk has become my work desk. Totes profesh, huh?! 

When I stop for a quick lunch at the office, I usually check out BabyMac’s latest blog post.

Works from my home desk too, with the bonus of a bowl of delicious veggie soup! 

There’s definitely been some anxiety for me this week. 

food, being able to work while so many people are losing their jobs; these things have helped me stay relatively calm. 

Some nights it’s difficult to fall asleep, and I badly want to hug, kiss and wrestle with my little nephews.

The most important thing is that we all do all that we can to get through these strange days. 

Stay at home as much as you can. 

Be mindful of how much news you’re consuming.

Don’t trust medical information from random social media accounts. 

Wash those hands, and keep your physical distance from others when you need to venture out. 

Don’t forget to be EXTRA courteous and kind to people, especially staff at supermarkets, pharmacies and to anybody working in healthcare. 

Use the most basic function of your smartphone, call someone up and have a chat. 

Stay connected. 

Stay positive. 

Stay healthy. 

Together, we can get through these strange days.


Much love, 

Annette xxx 



4 thoughts on “SEVEN STRANGE DAYS

  1. I hear you Annette, I see you on insta I’m with you. We’ll probably never meet irl but I’ll be here for you.
    Good luck for week 2.
    Cheers Kate


    • Hi Kate! I was thinking of you this weekend. I hope you’re doing okay. Able to work from home?

      Am I following you on Insta? I can’t keep everyone’s Insta and actual names straight in my head.

      If not, shoot me a msg there.

      Annette x


  2. Yeah you do follow me, I’m simplelifekate and I hardly ever post.
    I’m a stay home mum so my workload hasn’t changed. My kids are young adults. My hubby is home for 3 weeks on leave, meant to be touring around Vic/Sa on his motorbike. For now his job is safe but who knows these days.
    Cheers Kate


  3. Strange days in deed! The strangest. And the whole world in the depths of it. Glad you’ve started writing again. I look forward to reading more.

    F x


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