Here comes Spring

Hello, do you feel the change in the air? 

I do. The days are getting longer, the sun is flexing her muscles and shining more brightly, trees that have been bare for months are in bud, and the view is beautiful. 

All of these changes are as old as time itself. Year after year, sometimes earlier than expected, sometimes later, the seasons change. We stop reaching for our coats and venture out in less layers. We throw open the windows on the weekends, rather than stoking the fire or turning up the heater. We move with the seasons. They lead, always have, always will.  

I love observing the changes from season to season. 

If you don’t pay attention, you miss so much beauty.

Look around, you might be surprised at what you see. 

This is what’s before me today. Beautiful food I need (and want) to spend time preparing, cooking and storing. What an immense privilege it is to have access to such a bounty. This is wealth. 

Look around today. 

Look at what you have, what you can see, where you are. 

I hope that as you do, you see the beauty and wealth that I see. We have so much. We also have pain and struggle and pressures, I know, but those things never get better by refusing to see what else we have. 

That’s all. 

With love, 


Annette xx 



6 thoughts on “Here comes Spring

  1. I love watching the changes of and in nature, noticing the little things. Spring is my least favourite season, hayfever, equinoxal winds, the coming of the heat but still the changes in nature are divine. The spring bulbs, the birds happy dances, the waking up of the trees and the change in the light. There is a vibrance in the spring light.
    That table of food looked so delicious, I wonder what you will make
    Cheers Kate


  2. How glorious today was. The warmth of the morning and the thunderstorm in the afternoon. Truly loved having a moment of shared family joy as Adam, Dad and I all gazed out the windows to enjoy the sudden displays of the sky.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    You are rather glorious too!!!!


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