Seasonal Notes: Autumn

Hello, hello!  


Is this thing on? 

Oh hi! 

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Let’s not let that come between us, dear reader, as I have been thinking about you even while the blog has lain dormant for most of my favourite season. 

Thank you Autumn, you were beautiful. ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐ŸŒฆ๐ŸŒฆ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

There’s much to tell; I’m going to try and cover all the bases with the help of Pip Lincolne’s Taking Stock template. 

Making time for art, for sleep, for enjoying silence on the weekends. It’s imperative to make room to just BE. 

Cooking roast vegetables, satay tofu, and my fave Jamie Oliver chicken meatballs. 

Sipping coffee is how I start each day. I savour every drop. 

Reading State of Wonder. I haven’t read a novel in ages, and this one’s a cracker. 

If you’ve read Big Magic by Liz Gilbert, you might remember her story about how she was visited by an idea for a novel about a Minessotan woman visiting the Amazon, but she never got around to writing it. The idea found Ann, and she wrote the book! 

Looking for falling leaves. Watching a leaf swoop, tumble and twirl from a high branch is so joyfully re-assuring somehow. 

Listening to my first ever audio book. I’ve read Big Magic and now I’m listening to it. Great weekend activity. 

Wishing Australia was a country known for compassionate, humanitarian leadership. This latest election result – oof, it felt like a punch in the guts to that wish. 

Needing an outlet for my post-election angst. I’ve decided to donate groceries twice a month to the foodbank at the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre, based here in Melbourne. Learn more about their invaluable advocacy and work here

Waiting to be connected to the NBN. Hopefully I’ll then be able to watch Netflix in the evenings. 

Liking the need for layers – a blanket on the couch, a hoodie over my pjs, a scarf/cardigan in the office; winter is prime cosiness season and I am a fan. 

Loving that I have paid down my credit card debt like a boss this year. 

Buying a couple of new tops – on sale! – to see me through the cooler months. 

Watching Billions on Stan and noticing how deft the writing is and how they use music to differentiate the main characters – so clever. 

Hoping it rains a lot where it’s needed over winter and into spring. 

Wearing my bright green cardigan a lot. Everyone’s winter wardrobe needs a bit of colour. 

Following a lot of adoptees on Twitter. They’re my peeps and they have a lot of smart stuff to say. Check out #BeingAdoptedMeans for some insights. I’m @theverbsblog on Twitter, come say hello. 

Noticing how dark it is by 5pm now. 

Sorting through excess glasses and mugs. I live alone, I don’t need all these drinking vessels! 

Saving recipes. Always with the recipes! When am I going to cook all these things?! 

Opening my eyes to more social justice issues Australia is facing and failing at. We kinda suck when it comes to justice. 

Feeling a lot of different things, personally and as a citizen. We aren’t there yet and we could be way further along the road. 

Hearing the hum of the heater. 

Obsessing over the notion that maybe, just maybe, there’s power in each of us raising our voices about issues we care about. I hope I’m right. 


That about covers it. 

How are you?

Loving winter or planning a tropical escape? 

Watched or read anything noteworthy lately? 

Got a cause you’re supporting? Give them a shoutout. 

Tell me everything! 

Stay cosy, 

Annette x 

6 thoughts on “Seasonal Notes: Autumn

  1. Hello there!

    I felt like some lovely words so I popped in and of course here they are. So calming, so kind and some beautifully directed intention. I believe you … I think there is power in raising our voices. I’m pondering the delicate art of how and when whilst remaining quiet. Aaah Big Magic … I’m on my third read. So-many-nuggets.

    Your friend from the lowlands,
    Fran xx


    • Lowlands at the top of the world. I like that image. Friends in high places!! โค๏ธ

      It is so cold here today that I’m staying in bed. I just quickly did the dishes and am now listening to Nerdette and enjoying having my toes back under a pile of blankets.

      Though of the day: Insulation – it’s not something to skimp on.


  2. Youโ€™re awesome Nettie! And Ann Patchett lives in Nashville, and has an awesome bookstore here, Parnassus Books.


  3. Hi Annette, I’ve found you through Denyse’s post, in Women of Courage series, and am now looking forward to reading more of your writing. I enjoyed your list of things here, I’m a leaf watcher too and how dark is by 5pm, but thankfully the days will start getting lighter bit by bit from now on. I’m also a blogger ๐Ÿ™‚


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