It was Friday, and it was good.

Hello there, Easter break! 

Today I spent some time with a couple of top notch friends of mine, in one of my favourite places. 

Coffee and conversation. 


This haven of stylish serenity. 

The beauty of looking up.

The older I get, the more I find myself defaulting to spending the bulk of my time (outside of work) at home, alone. 

That’s no complaint, FYI. I’m not lonely when I’m alone. I am an introvert by nature, and now I’m also a person with a chronic illness, so I need lots of rest and downtime. 

Today reminded me how good, and bolstering, time with friends can be. 

When you spend time with people who know and love you, you can say the things you need to say, without fear or shame. You can tell the truth about your victories and disappointments, and chat about how beautiful the weather is. 

We got to do all of that today. 

I also got to visit this painting, which lives in my friend Suzanne’s beautiful home in the Dandenongs. 

Being asked to create something scared the bejeezus out of me. It took me months to work up the courage to attempt anything. Imposter syndrome is real, people! I got there eventually, and I loved seeing this piece again today. 

Friendship is kind of like painting. 

They both take time. 

They require inspiration, a little bit of magic, and more than a little courage. 

Decisions need to be made – to play it safe or take risks – to choose new colours, to see the beauty in unexpected combinations. 

We get to decide how we want to express ourselves, we may even dare to colour outside the lines! 


In these terms, I have been developing the art of my friendhip with the lovely Suzanne for two decades now. 

Suzanne is one of the best people I know. Fact. 

She is trustworthy, welcoming, generous, thoughtful, compassionate and loving. 

She appreciates books, art and music.

Her key-lime cheesecake is out of this world! 

Suzanne is a sister I choose. I have a few of these chosen sisters, each one a true gift in my life. 

A year ago, Suzanne got married, giving me a bonus buddy in her hubster Ron. 





That’s a good Friday. 



Annette xx 





8 thoughts on “It was Friday, and it was good.

  1. I loved this post. Friendships are so important, helping is introverts to feel less lonely. And your art is wonderful btw 💕


  2. Friends are more important than we realise. I had a realisation this morning that I miss all my guy friends. As I’ve aged and we have all settled into our little nuclear family’s those guy friendships have kind of slipped off the radar. I miss them. I have some lovely girlfriends long term and newer friends but i miss those guys and the different friendships we had.
    cheers Kate


  3. This is such a beautiful read Annette, and I completely feel the sentiment.

    As always your words encourage a meandering kind of thought that translates across our varied experiences. Philosophical words are always a wonderful way to start the day and happen to hit the spot for me today.

    Fran xx


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