Seven Six Two

Seven six two. 

Not the number of the bus I used to catch to my job back in the 1980s.

Not the number of times I’ve written a blog post in bed, though #goals. 

Not, with apologies to the classic rom-com, 762 insights into my soul. Not a garnish either! 

Just three little numbers. 




Small, but by no means insignificant. 

Truth be told, they are hugely significant to me, because I have, for the first time in my adult life, stuck to a savings plan over the last three months. I haven’t dipped into it, or skipped a week because I wanted to buy something. I have been resolute! 

As a result, I have $762.99 in my savings account. 

It’s a small total, yet it’s mighty. 

By the end of April, 27 sleeps from now, I’ll have cracked the $1,000 mark. 

Upon that glorious day (or soon thereafter) I’m going to take that moula, saunter into my bank like a self-made “thousandaire”, lay that sweet cash down before the teller and say “let’s put a dent in my credit card balance, shall we?”. That’s the fantasy. I might do it online. Either way, it will be a glorious day! 

Can I get an amen? Or a non-denominational/non-religious holler of agreement, a girl power high five, a hells yeah?! 


After four months of regularly siphoning a portion of my hard earned dosh into a separate savings account, I am about to chop my debts in half! 

No recriminations about the past; coulda, woulda, shoulda; none of that. Heck, a few years ago I was crying over not being able to afford mayonnaise. I’m in greener pastures now.  

I’m going to squish that credit card debt like a bug this year. That, and more. I have goals, oh yes I do. 

Seven six two. 

Small yet mighty. 


Celebrating our wins and our self-sufficiency is super important for the single ladies I reckon. 

Mostly I just quietly bumble along in life, working my part-time job and feeling thankful that I am quite the Jedi when it comes to the frugal arts. 

Getting close to this goal, putting a big dent in this debt, makes me so PROUD of myself. 

Yep. Chin up, look what I did, proud. Assume superhero stance, wind machine on, proud. 

I’ll keep you posted on my progress! 


What goals are you chipping away at this year? 

Would you like to crow about some small numbers or small changes you’re making? 

Be my guest! The comments are open, and braggers are most welcome. 


Yours frugally, 

Annette xx 


10 thoughts on “Seven Six Two

  1. Great job, can’t wait to hear just how proud you feel when you slap that money down on the cc. Paying off a debt that has been hanging around like a millstone for awhile is so freeing and empowering.
    Cheers Kate


  2. Nothing like seeing a number and not a minus! Great work, in a world of temptations, you should be celebrating your progress. Well done!


  3. Helo Superstar,

    Oh yay! Gosh I love your words. Always I find such sweetness here in the early hours.

    I love the milestones. I am all for the celebrating.

    Today I’m celebrating that I plucked some leaves of a cacti plant at a friends and replanted it at home, that I planted a succession of basil plants to keep me in basil and maybe friends who I visit. Big celebrations after converting what feels like 1,000 apples into a freezer food stash. Yes Nettie I am all about loving the little things, dropping the recriminations and getting onto and better at all the those things that contribute to the dosh and planet saving. Yep they are two of my goals.

    And you know I am all superstitious ‘n’ shit well 7+6+2 = 15 1+5 = 6 and 6 …

    The number 6 is generally considered to be lucky in China because 六 sounds like 流 (liú), which means “flow” in Chinese.

    Insert giggling emoji.

    Go with that flow babe!

    Fran x


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