December Happenings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so the old song assures us. 

By this stage of December, there’s grumpiness and stress and festive wonder aplenty; or is that just me? 

In a week’s time my annual leave starts and I am counting down like a pumped-up six year old counts down to Santa’s annual visitation.  

This week I had medical appointments and expenses that totalled more than 50% of my weekly wage. 

I was unbelievably rude to an Australia Post employee. 

I was so grumpy and sweary at work on Wednesday that my boss called me from Canada yesterday to ask me to keep myself nice(r). 

Sheesh. Welcome to Grinch city, population 1. 


Last night was family pizza night and it was rowdy and fun and a lovely break from the Scrooge-y spirit that’s been hovering over me. 

Being around little kids is such a tonic, watching my wee nephews squeal with delight as they do laps of nana’s house on little cars is noisy, life-affirming stuff. 

Hold a baby, give your niece some books to encourage her artistic streak, eat pizza with your parents. 

Get a leg hug from your nephew. Aaahhhhh that’s better. 


Today, I woke before my alarm, and my morning coffee was utter perfection. 

Today I can acknowledge that a big part of what made the start of this week so shitful was another round of medically induced talk about my body, and how there’s too much of it. 

Today is my last working Friday of the year. Thank goodness for that. 

Today is a good day for blogging from bed, easing into the weekend and making a list of things I’ve got to get done before December 25th rolls around. 

It’s a good day to appreciate Gemma Correll’s artistic talents.  

It’s a good day, because we get to live it. 

Help me keep the spirit of Scrooge at bay. 

Tell me something that’s good about your day. 


Annette x


4 thoughts on “December Happenings

  1. I must confess I’m a complete Grinch.

    For the last two days I’ve received some lovely happy mail. Both pieces were completely unexpected but oh so heart warming.

    Your family pizza night sounded so special and fun.

    Cheers Kate


  2. I’m feeling a bit grinch too, but this is unusual for me, I normally love Christmas. But something good that happened was that my daughter, who is 12, graduated from primary school and was awarded the leadership award. Very proud Mama moment to see my shy, anxious girl come out of herself and face the things that she struggles with. It made my week. 😊


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