Burgers! Beta Blockers! Books!

 Picked up the makings of burgers for dinner, and refilled a few scripts for sustaining life. 

The burgers were cheaper, and tastier! 

I’m grateful that I can manage my health with medication, low sodium eating, and my trusty pacemaker on board. Though dropping $105 to refill four scripts (of the seven I take) is not ideal, it simply is what it is. I need my meds. I am super fortunate to have family helping me with the expenses having a heart condition adds to the weekly budget. 

When I’m not throwing back or doling out my tablets, or flipping burgers, I’ve been busy reading lately, and loving it! 

I’m on a bit of a female empowerment kick at the moment, learning lots and appreciating how many incredible women are writing books that educate and encourage others. I’m about two-thirds of the way through Women Kind, a book about the power of women supporting women, mentoring, and the changes made and still needed in the corporate world. Dr Kirstin Ferguson started the #CelebratingWomen movement on Twitter in 2017, profiling hundrends and hundreds of ordinary women doing extraordinary things from all over the world. 

Once I’ve finished Women Kind, I’ll move on to Speaking Out by Tara Moss. I’m hoping Tara will give me some clarity around the big issues I want to dig into here; feminism, body image, self love and more. 

I’ve also got Clementine Ford’s Boys Will Be Boys, though I might save that one for my summer holidays, as I think it will be another intense read, just as Fight Like A Girl was. 

Thank goodness for writers! 

And thank goodness for punsters. Saw this on Instagram and simply had to share it! Thanks @artexplorers11. 

 Have you read any good books lately, or heard any good puns? Do tell! 


Annette ❤️

2 thoughts on “Burgers! Beta Blockers! Books!

  1. Howdy,

    hmm no puns but I have a cute comment from a 6 yo.

    Me to husband “wow this year is really flying”

    6yo from the stands “must be having fun then”

    I love this one – book worthy I hope. You know if I can stop writing first chapters! I have 5 now … no jokes.

    I started Speaking Out last summer and just couldn’t get into it. I should give it another go and try again.

    Is Woman Kind the one you were reading when you tweeted an author? I do that too – message authors. Am surprised how many I have been able to connect with. I guess Julia Cameron would say that is about seeking our tribe.

    f x


    • I’ve tweeted a few authors lately – one thing I know for certain, we all need encouragement – whether we are bloggers or published authors.

      Six year olds see the world in such a funny way. Love it.


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