The Great Gadsby: Lessons from Nanette

Hello friends, 

Today I’m wondering if I should rename my blog I Give You The Nanette Quotes. 

Last night I rewatched Hannah Gadsby’s provocative, truth-filled, gutsy farewell to the comedy circuit. I heard something new, which just goes to show what a brilliantly crafted performance she gave. 


Read it again, it’s a big thought. 

Self-hatred is not in our DNA.

Can we, particularly as women, embrace the idea that self-hatred is not an inevitable, biologically predestined struggle? 

Do Hannah’s words resonate? Could they be true? 

We are not destined to struggle with hating ourselves. 

That hatred can take many forms, as we know too well; from berating ourselves for not being “perfect”, to shaming our bodies, dismissing our contributions as never enough, undermining our worth… you know the drill. 

Today I want to tell you that the negative loop you may have going through your mind is NOT there by design. It was planted. 


You aren’t wrong. 

You aren’t substandard. 

You most certainly are not worthless or stupid. 

You are YOU. 


Beauty filled. 


Stronger than you think. 




Can you take Hannah’s words to heart? And dare I say it, mine too? 

Might they be worth copying on to a post-it and sticking to your bathroom mirror? 

I’d love to hear what you think about this bold statement of Hannah’s. I think she’s on to something deeply powerful. 

What are your strategies for combating the negative seeds planted in your mind? 

You never know who is reading the comments section, who might be helped by something you share, so please add your valuable experience and questions in the comments section or over on the Facebook page. We can only get through these things TOGETHER. 

With love, 


Annette x 


2 thoughts on “The Great Gadsby: Lessons from Nanette

  1. Thank you.
    I’ve been watering the seedling of self hatred and nurturing it into a Triffid of terrific proportions the last few weeks.
    I don’t want to cling to the shade of that Triffid, it’s a dark and cold place to be. Tonight I’m going to actively weed my mind garden and get myself back into the sunshine.
    Thank you heart sister.
    You can quote over and over, your words are always helpful.


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