Hooray for holidays!

Hello friends!

I don’t know about you, but for me 2018 seems to be well underway. After three glorious weeks of holidays, I’m into my second week back at work and so far, the air is filled with good energy and positivity. 

Spending Christmas with my family was so relaxing and fun, we celebrated twice; with lunch at my youngest sister’s newly bedecked house on Christmas Day, followed by dinner at my youngest brother’s place on Boxing Day. Both my hosts made special low sodium versions of the main meal for me, which I really appreciated, and I made a couple of superb salads. It was wonderful to be together as a family. 

When I think back to how sick I felt the Christmas before, it makes our time together all the sweeter. 

Do you remember my plans to tackle my overwhelming, overstuffed, junky store rooms over the summer break? 

I’m pleased to report that I absolutely smashed those rooms into shape. I shared lots of that process on Instagram, using #theclearoutisON as my motivational hashtag. 

At the end of 2016, I simply couldn’t face it, it was physically and mentally beyond me. This year, I loved the challenge. It took days and days to get those rooms shipshape, and once I started there was no turning back. 

The junk piles moved progressively through the house until they found their places – recycling bin, donation box, waste transfer station pile, or back to the store room.  

I overfilled four large recycling bins (yes, four!), then filled my car with books which I donated, then filled it again with stuff ranging from a dodgy vacuum cleaner to an old toaster oven to a jute rug and paid the princely sum of $6 to recycle that load at the local waste transfer station. 

The smallest pile went back into the store rooms, neatly, and it thrills me so much that you may occasionally find me in there admiring the clear floors and the orderliness I created. 

Aside from my epic clear out, I did some more “low impact” holiday activities; I rested, enjoyed a long lunch with a friend, spent a little time painting, saw a couple of movies, and hung out at home. Those three weeks off allowed me to thoroughly recharge my batteries. 


I decided to set some intentions or guiding words for 2018, and I’m feeling the benefit of them as I continue to look after my health and wellbeing. 

This year I want to become bold, strong and healthy. And so I shall. 

One of the ways I’m doing this is through exercise – that’s not something I’ve ever done before except in very occasional fits and starts. My treadmill and I are becoming better acquainted, and I even treated myself new walking shoes and a FitBit. My daily step count is being increased regularly. I’m feeling the benefits of moving more, but am by no means an endorphin junkie just yet! 

Another way I am cementing good habits is by continuing to eat well. I am making an effort to eat more vegetarian meals each week and lean into a Mediterranean style of eating. No diets for me, just healthy choices. Legumes and sweet potato fries forever! 

I’m feeling energised and positive about the path I’m on. There will always be challenges, but I am taking control of what I can, and that’s helping a tremendous amount. It’s all about attitude, and I can definitely influence that positively. 

So hooray for holidays! Here’s to a bold, strong and healthy year for all of us. 

Tell me how you’re feeling about 2018. 


Annette x 

9 thoughts on “Hooray for holidays!

  1. Oh I’m feeling very positive about 2018 also! Congrats on the clear out, the fitness, the cooking and the general you! You’re going great 😁 xx


  2. I’m feeling bolder and I’ve got a smile that comes from the joy of having read this.

    One year leads to the next and these stories of growth are good for the soul. Women finding their own way and their own terms to adventure through life.

    I admire the work you’ve done and the action you continue to take to move forward.

    Thanks for sharing and for being you. A true Warrior Woman with a beautiful voice.

    Fran x


  3. A great attitude is so hard to practise, but you my friend are nailing it! So deeply impressed with all the many incremental ways you are looking after yourself and that beautiful heart of yours. What a year it will be!


  4. Nailing it, Annette! So pleased you are feeling recharged and striding boldly forth into 2018. Whilst I know it’s not fab knowing you have a chronic health condition, at least you know what you’re working with so that you can feel the best you can. Look forward to following your progress this year x


    • I’m lucky to have people like you cheering me on Carolyn. And our public health care system gets a big tick from me too, so it makes doing my part feel manageable.


  5. I loved seeing your clear-out unfold on Instagram, and it motivated me to start my own momentous job. The food you’re cooking all looks so amazing and am getting some great ideas from you. I’m with you on the ‘no diets’; the moment I decide to go on a diet I am immediately craving chocolate, pasta, wine, burgers, all the things that are not included in a diet. Which is why I’ve never made it through a single day of dieting. There is so much amazing food out there that is so good for you, tapping in to that is the key to long term health I reckon.


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