Taking Stock: November

Hello lovely people,

In the creative footsteps of blogger, author, teacher, crafter and all round nice lady Pip Lincolne, it’s time to take stock: 

Making myself comfy on the couch. 

Cooking eggplant bacon. There’s a batch in the oven right now!


Drinking coffee. This morning’s crema reminded me of constellations. 

Reading books about heart failure and the Mediterranean diet, so I can better understand and manage my health. 

Wanting to keep up my new habit of walking for my health. 

Looking up. The sky is my shield and comfort. 

Playing the new Taylor Swift album. I am loving the evolution of her musicianship.  

Deciding what I’m going to eat this week. Organisation is key to my low salt life. 

Wishing it was a long weekend. I love them. 

Enjoying pulling on my leafy leggings and sneaks and going for a walk, mostly. We’ll see if I make it out there today. 

Waiting for summer holidays. 

Liking myself, my family, my heart shield, this life. 

Wondering about how I might feel if I need to get a pacemaker. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. 

Loving the encouraging, supportive, generous, big hearted people in my life. You’re my oxygen. 

Pondering why I’m not blogging, sketching or painting much lately. 

Considering leaning more heavily into a Mediterranean style of eating. Bring on the ancient grains and pomegranates. 

Buying a new vacuum cleaner online. It’s a glamorous life!! 

Watching Bar Rescue, lots of Jamie Oliver, clouds. 

Hoping to continue feeling and being as well as I can. Combining that hope with everyday action is the key. 

Marvelling at the power of encouraging words. I know how much I need them, and need to give them. 

Cringing at the coarse vanity and stupidity of politicians, clinging to power by any means possible. Their inhumanity to those they perceive as unimportant to their cause is endlessly staggering. 

Needing to keep on keeping on, and get rid of some stuff. Less is better. 

Questioning why I felt such shame around being prescribed antidepressants. Stigma sucks. 

Smelling eggplant bacon.

Wearing my pjs. Comfort rules on the weekends, heck, comfort always always rules. 

Following my heart’s lead; inspiring people; a slow road. 

Noticing how vividly green the trees are against the sky. 

Knowing everything is cyclical. 

Thinking of ways to find balance. 

Admiring people who accept, embrace and celebrate themselves. Coming home to yourself is the ultimate pilgrimage. Are you on that road? I hope so. 

Getting philosophical. It always happens when I take stock, which is why it’s such a worthwhile practice. 

Book borrowing and buying. I want to spend more time reading. 

Coveting nothing. I don’t need more than I have. 

Disliking having to think about how much I drink every day, whether I’ve taken my tablets, and all that jazz. 

Opening myself to new ways of thinking and being. 

Feeling good. Life has challenges and great beauty. It is a privilege to be here. 

Snacking on hummus again. I finally found a great low sodium recipe! 

Hearing Taylor Swift sing, and feeling relaxed. 

That’s the state of play in my world. Reflecting on where we’re at, what we want and who we are is such a valuable way to check in with what truly matters. I highly recommend it! 

If you’d like to take stock, just copy and paste this list to your Facebook page/journal/blog or use the prompts in your creative practice. 

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Take care of yourselves, and each other. 

Annette x 

12 thoughts on “Taking Stock: November

  1. I love this post. I love your green pants. I love your trainers and how you are going out walking even though it’s never been your jam. I love your colourful washing up and the way that you have dealt with something that was massive. I love the growth, the recipes, the Mediterranean diet. I love the reading and the planning for the week. I love the self love. I love this A LOT. I love the softness… look at that selfie… there’s a softness, I don’t even know what I mean by that but I think it’s good.
    I love the pink cheeks, I love that you’re my friend and that we can have random Insta chats. I think fuck off to shame generally. I think aubergines are one of the best things in the world and I think you are ace 🙂


  2. I love that you are liking yourself. Such a BIG thing to be able to do. I love that you are walking. It’s such a good physical and mental thing to do. Absolutely no shame in taking antidepressants. So many people do – plenty amongst my family and friends. If you have a chemical imbalance then why would you not even it out? We take medication when an imbalance manifests itself physically so why not if it manifests mentally? And I love your photo! Looking great!


    • You’re so right about the antidepressants Carolyn, I was a bit disappointed in my reaction to them being suggested, as logically I made the exact same argument as you. I still found myself reacting from my emotions.
      I feel nothing negative about taking six heart medications a day, but that seventh drug… just shows how we can unconsciously harbour old, unhelpful, unfounded thinking.
      I love that I’m liking myself too. It’s what I’m proudest of in my life, the inner work I’ve done (and will do for life) on accepting and celebrating who I am.


  3. Loved reading this and seeing the insights and really amazing ways in which you are caring for yourself inside and out. You are a splendid person who has been through a huge challenge this year and doing all you can to make things work well for you. I do Taking Stock as a prompt for my Monday link up every 9 weeks and on Monday 20 Nov it’s that week. Would love you to link up if you choose and there are some lovely commenters who post most weeks too. Have a good week. D x


  4. Oh I love the photo with the blue wall and leaves, so fab! Your walking sounds like a good habit to be getting into, especially when you get to show off those leggings! Do you listen to a podcast or music when you are walking? I always have to listen to a podcast when I walk the dog or I get bored. I am such a toddler!!!


  5. Your sky photos are gorgeous – this one particularly so. Walking is so good isn’t it. I am a walker. Sadly I have a really painful hip at the moment so am quite limited with how much walking I can do, but a walk down the beach is my salve for all of life’s challenges.

    I need to do a Taking Stock – it’s so therapeutic isn’t it. I haven’t blogged in ages but I’m getting drawn back (especially after reading your Taking Stock). I’m also missing my art, I need to make the time to do, not just say I’m going to!


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