Typical Tuesday

Today I read a post over at BabyMac and I’m exhausted and awed by it. 

Sheesh, talk about WERK-ing. Hats OFF mamas. 

You can read Beth’s post here

I thought I’d do my own cheeky version of the same thing, and share a typical day in the life of the mythical single gal about town ensconced in the suburbs. 

A typical Tuesday, a day in the life…


The need to pee pushes me from half asleep to throwing back the covers. Rats. Almost blinded by the sun streaming in through the ensuite window. 


Stagger back to bed, fall back to sleep. 


Need to pee again, damnation. 


Get up. Pee. Weigh myself (and a big middle finger to you, heart failure). 
Ego demands I weigh myself twice to stay under the looming leap into the next group of 10s! Thank you, dodgy, uneven bathroom floor. 


Take morning pills. Prepare for more peeing! 


Hop back into bed, decide to listen to a podcast.
Listen to an episode of Dirty John and it annoys me because *spoiler alert* after she’s found his criminal history and moved out of their house, she then TAKES HIM BACK! Why? Whhhyyyyy? Turn it off in a huff. Stupid conman loser! 


Decide to listen to Slow Home Podcast. Ahh, that’s better.


Roll out of bed, at about the same time my alarm was set for. 


Decide to start the day with some baking – banana bread for the win. 
A delicious, simple way to use up some of the fast ripening bananas in my fruit bowl. 


Banana bread goes in the oven.


Mosey out to the living room.


Watch an old ep of Sarah’s House, one of my favourite design shows. 


Check banana bread. Turn tray around, it smells divine! Crank up the heat a little. 


Record a video message and text it to my sister. Happy birthday Lisa! 


Make coffee and enjoy that with freshly baked mini loaves of banana bread. 
Post evidence of same on Instagram. 


Look out the window at another brilliant blue sky. 
Think about what to wear to work. 


Record my morning coffee in my H2Overload app. 240mls in. 1260ml left. 


Phone time, scroll Facebook, Instagram, check emails. Look at Twitter. 
Read latest Woosgworld post, when the newsreader becomes the news


Tidy kitchen up. No actual cleaning occurs, but dishes are stacked and the counter gets a cursory wipe. 


Guess what? Yep! Again.

Lost time

I don’t really know what I did here – it may have involved watching Jamie Oliver, daydreaming, and some wandering about. 

High Noon

Time to get ready for work, I want to be a little early today. 
Organise lunch – leftover frittata, a mini loaf of banana bread, an apple. Carefully fill my water bottle – bang on 500 mls, that’s to last me until I get home.


Update my H2Overload app. If I don’t update it, I worry that I’ll forget what I’ve put down the hatch, and accidentally drink too much and bloat like a sea sponge. 


Ablutions. God, I love that word.


I’m ready to rock and roll. Wink at myself in the mirror, as is my daily habit. 


Off I go. Freeway isn’t clogged today, sky is incredible, tunes are good. Easy drive. 


Arrive at work.


Log on, chat about this and that with my colleagues. 
Type the things, file the things, reply to the things, get driven almost insane by the volume of a meeting going on in the conference room. Indoor voices please! 

Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk. 


Reminder to move my car dings! It’s set to ding at 3:30pm every day from now to eternity because I can’t be expected to remember something that happens every day. Scoff lunch at my desk. 


Post office run. 
Take opportunity to snap #lookup photo and post it on Instagram. 


Back to the office. I get to park in one of the allocated spots under the building now, fancy. 

Werk, werk, werk, werk, werk.


Lights off, office door locked, head for home. Crank up the Gold104.3 tunes. Long live the 80s! 


Arrive home, via a quick stop at Woolies, check the letterbox, bins out, junk mail gets junked. 


Ahhh, bag off my shoulder, shoes off, it’s so warm I flick the fan on. 


Time for an after work snack, then my evening pills go down the hatch. 


Until the sun goes down, my feet are up. Lemon cordial and soda water on the rocks, cheers! 


Oooh a new Jamie Oliver show, yes! #5ingredients


Write a blog post. 


Dinner might be leftovers, or a batch of zucchini fritters. That choice is still in my future! 


More social media time while watching TV. Bra off! 



That’s a pretty standard day in the life. 

Sometimes there’s art, sometimes there’s laundry, sometimes I start work earlier, or cook up an evening meal in the morning before I go to work. 

So, pretty similar to Beth’s day, give or take a load or three of laundry! 

The beauty of this is that I know neither Beth or I would swap our lot for quids. 

This is what I want you to take from this bit of fun, we all choose, we aren’t in competition, and we certainly don’t need to justify how we spend our days to anyone. We all have great days and groundhog days.

But sweet Mags, give mama a break, how about 6:45am tomorrow? 

How was your day? Typical Tuesday? 

Whatever your days involve, please *make* time to #lookup. 


Annette x 







5 thoughts on “Typical Tuesday

  1. I think your day sounds pretty cool, Annette. It sounds like ‘life’ to me – chill bits, mundane bits, fun bits. My day was like that. It started at 7 with a shower, breakfast, then pop in a load of washing, drop the boy at the station, 35 min walk with a bit of a chat to hubby along the way, feed the dog, head to my babysitting gig and take the kids to the park, walk them home, supervise paddling in the pool, swap some texts with my girl, do some colouring in, home for lunch, chat to hubby, pick up the girl from the station, chat with the girl, scroll through social media, pop in another load of washing, peg clothes on the line, pop in another load of washing, have a milky drink (need the calcium for softening bones 😬), ironing, ring doctor for blood test results, prepare dinner, eat with the girl, pick up hubby from station, drop him home and head to different station to pick up the boy, drink copious cups of tea whilst watching Jamie O, read your blog post!


  2. I read Beth’s post too, I was in awe about what she achieves. It inspired me to get a load of washing on before the I took the bigger kids to school. What a difference that made. Three loads done yesterday! I’m not quite as swift as Beth, the final one is folded but still in the basket – she seems to get hers folded and put away in one day – I never knew those people even existed. Yesterday I also took some time out for my youngest and I to go to the beach. Tuesday is non-work day for me as I have my littlest all day, so hanging at the beach for an hour before school pick up was just glorious. Only an hour, but it made my day.


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