Sunday Stuff

Hello friends! 

I’m a super slapdash blogger these days, but never mind, here I am again. 

My Sunday matinee of choice, which I’m watching while wrapped up like a giant pink burrito in my exceedingly cosy (and very pink!) dressy gown, is Julie & Julia. 

Have you seen it? 

It is a charming film about the magically intertwined lives of American cooking legend Julia Child and a post 9/11, Queens-based, cubicle dweller, blogger and foodie Julie Powell. It’s a feel good film about food, marital love, exploring creative outlets, and it is served up with a sweet dollop of romance. I’m a mega fan of Amy Adams, Meryl Streep and Nora Ephron. So much talent! A perfect Sunday afternoon film. 

Aside from afternoon movies, I’ve been enjoying snapping photos of the glory that is autumn in Melbourne. 

I just CANNOT get enough of it. Can you? 

This glorious old house is just near the post office that I scurry to every few days, toting Very Important Packages. I couldn’t resist whipping out my phone and snapping the gorgeous branches, light and ironwork. Sigh. So beautiful. 

On the book front, I started reading this last weekend, Option B by Sheryl Sandberg & Adam Grant. So far I am finding it really sad, and helpful and bolstering. I must finish it, my bookish mojo is hovering around the same low level as my bloggy mojo lately, but I always love the feeling of being lost in a book. 

Got any tips to help me get back on the bibliophile track? 

And for a seasonal treat, I bought myself new sheets! 

Is there anything more comforting and pleasing than the two-fold joy of finally finding cute and affordable printed sheets (on sale!) and then having them arrive on a day where you were able to wash and LINE DRY them?! I think not. They will never see an iron, just like me! I love them. 

While we’re in my bedroom (oooh saucy!), I will soon be framing a few new artworks – a collection of heart shields – and hanging them over my bed. The first one arrived this week. 

As some of you know, I’ve been having a few health issues recently, and I decided I need some good vibes in the form of paintings/sketches/collages above my bed, which I can draw strength and inspiration from. 

Ergo, #heartshields. 

My super talented Pipster pal Dawn painted this piece, and I am utterly delighted with it. Dawn was gracious enough to allow me to request some elements I wanted, and she surprised me with others. Can’t wait to frame and hang it. 

You should most definitely read Dawn’s blog Kangaroo Spotting and follow her on Instagram. She’s super rad! 

{You could even buy one of her incredible abstract works and hang it above your bed, in your stairwell, or on your living room wall. #notsubliminal #shamelessplug #notsponsored}

Autumn sunshine is the BEST sunshine of the whole year. 

Just look up! Isn’t it beautiful? 


In this life, we never know what’s around the corner. Never. 

We think we do, which is how we plan and keep going I’m sure, but we are at best, back seat drivers in the ride through life. 

One day I was feeling badly short of breath so I went to the GP, and she sent me off to get an X-ray. A few hours later – heart failure. Bam. Plan B. 

A lovely Instagram friend of mine just got diagnosed with cancer. All of a sudden, she’s in the midst of a massively unanticipated Option B pivot. She is navigating the ups and downs of absorbing shocking news, scheduling surgery, and she is still looking up, and drawing strength from her family and many friends. Bam. Plan B. 

We make so many plans, and while some of them fall beautifully into place, some of them crumble around us. 

We can’t control that part. Oh, we wish we could but we can’t. 

We have to hold our plans and dreams loosely.

Sometimes when Plan B drops out of the sky on us, we forget to blog, to paint, to create, to breathe – because we are consumed with getting our heads around the new realities we are facing. I am hoping this is a temporary lull. 

There is something I can do right now – a simple, deeply symbolic, powerful act – I can look up. You can too. 

I can look up, and I can take photos of the beauty I see. 

And I will. 

Feel free to join me. 

We’re all under the same sky. 


Annette x 



16 thoughts on “Sunday Stuff

  1. Yep, cannot predict! We have had one of those moments in the past month! Sucked the life out of us temporarily – nothing for it but bad pizza and wine! Anyway, picked ourselves up and moving within the uncertainty. Love Dawn’s painting. Hope it gives you protection!


    • I miss bad pizza! Sometimes that’s exactly what we need while we get our bearings again.

      All the best to you as you just keep swimming Carolyn xxxx


  2. I loved the book of Julie and Julia, I LOVE the sheets, nothing like fresh sheets, and I love Dawnies painting! How nice!
    You never know what life is going to throw at you but I think you’re a champ and you’re doing so well.
    Blue skies in QLD today.
    Did you find the Sophie Dahl books at the library?


    • New sheets and art. Tonics!!

      I must read the book, I’ve only seem the film.

      No Sophie at the branch I popped into last week. Need to widen the search!

      Grey skies here so far, but still worth looking up at.

      You’re a gem too xx


      • Oh I don’t mind a bit of grey sky, rainy skies, takes me right back to South London. Also I guess its reminder, life is never just the same, things change. Sometimes its different and sometimes it’s grey. Then up comes a massive blue sky like POW. You get that. because you have the wiseness. Yup. 🙂


      • As long as there’s a sky, I don’t mind whether its grey, blue or streaked with pink, or melding into velvety darkness. I just wanna see it!


  3. Thank you for blogging …and for the lovely words. I thought it was very ironic that on the day I decided to send the CD of Option B to a friend who will use it in her workplace….that was the day I was given my Option B. I still would not listen again as it served its purpose. I find it hard to read much at all other than in small bites. I have many books here but I am listening to many and that is good. I do hope for good news ahead for you (as I do for moi!) Take care…and go gently. Denyse x


    • I will if you will! 😘😘

      Music might be a better tonic than reading for you at the moment.
      Whatever works and helps you to stay in the moment, I say.

      You’re a GEM Denyse x


  4. Too true, Annette! What great things you’ve been noticing and experiencing at this stage of Plan B. Always lovely to read one of your posts, but also, sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans. Take care too x


  5. I have just read ‘Cows’ by Dawn O’Porter and i would say that book will definitely get your bookish mojo back – it was SO fab and I just couldst put it down. Ignored my children and husband for at least a day, with eyes glued firmly on to the Kindle. And one of the main characters is a blogger.

    I might have to get that book on Option B. This year is throwing me some curve balls so am feeling a bit wobbly; it might just be the tonic I need. In the meantime, thanks for the advice – I will definitely keep looking up. xx


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