10 Things I Love About Autumn

It feels like it’s finally here – my favourite season.

Oh Autumn, how I love you. 

2016-06-17 15.35.18-2

Let me count just some of the ways…

  1. I love reaching for a cardigan, a blanket, or the dial on my trusty Vulcan heater. Cosiness is everything!
  2. I love the changing light. The brightness of summer mellows into wispy cloudy skies and I revel in the shortening of the days. 
  3. I love the food of cooler months. Today I got my slow cooker out for the first time since last winter. My gorgeous sister Lisa gave me a ‘grab bag’ from her freezer – satay chicken curry which will feed, and warm, me for days. 
  4. I love the sound of rain on the roof. This morning at about 6 o’clock, a thunderstorm rolled over my house. The windows rattled and the rain pelted down, and I smiled a big sleepy smile and snuggled further under the covers. 
  5. I simply ADORE autumnal foliage. The way the trees shed their incredibly brightly hued leaves… it utterly captivates me. A wet footpath strewn with a beautiful autumn leaves, yes please! 
  6. I love the way my home’s decor changes. Treasured vintage blankets come out of the ottoman, reminding me of my grandmother. Candles come out and create a cosy flickering glow at nighttime. 
  7. Hot showers become a place of refuge on chilly mornings. Steamed up bathroom mirrors make me happy. 
  8. Weekend drives up to yonder hills take on a magical quality. Between the bracing air that hits your face as you leave home and wait for the car’s heater to kick in, to the rich colours of the landscape and welcoming warmth of favourite cafes, a weekend drive is a special treat.  
  9. I’m inspired to create as the weather cools. I might pick up leaves that catch my eye, or snap 20 photos of a particularly gorgeous tree, or sketch leaves for days, and days. Autumn is my muse. It’s why I love to look up. 
  10. Last but not least, autumn reminds me that life is cyclical. It may look like an ending, but it is really an opportunity to recharge, to draw on unseen reserves, and embrace a few months of life at a slower pace. 

Welcome back autumn, I missed you. 



Oh, I forgot one of my favourite things about autumn, it’s my birthday in a week! Autumn babies are the bestest. 

Are you a lover of autumn? What’s your favourite thing about this time of year? 


Annette x 



14 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Autumn

  1. I agree that autumn is a good time of the year Annette!
    however today, it is more like winter, with the roaring 40’s howling here on the south coast of sa!
    i’m doing some doodles myself and keeping warm!
    enjoy your slow cooked goodies bag!
    much love m:)X


  2. As you know, my lovely friend, Autumn is my bestest season too. And as we both live this time of year, now it has finally arrived, I must share my latest looking up story.
    Harrison popped outside on Friday night to put the rubbish in the bins and, as he went to walk back inside, he stopped.
    “Wow! Check this out!”
    His face was alight with moon glow.
    The day had been picture perfect autumnal brisk morning followed by glorious day.
    Max and I jumped up to step outside to see this spectacular sight.
    The moon was so bright. Like a floodlight. It wasn’t quite full but that’s coming next week. It didn’t matter it was fabulous.
    And then we noticed all the clouds. First close to the moon, instant shapes of dragons and birds and bears.
    And then further out…… A ship! The dawn treador to be precise because that was definitely a dragon’s head on the prow.
    We spent the next 30 minutes, at least, watching this magical display in the sky.
    Max could see more pictures than I could. When I couldn’t see them, he went inside, grabbed his sketch book and drew them and then pointed.
    “Look Mum, there! That elephant!”
    And sure enough, there in the clouds was the elephant he had just drawn.
    Best season. Beautiful moments. Thanks for helping me share. Love ya guts!


  3. I love autumn too, not that we get too much of it in Queensland. It reminds me of bonfire nights, I can smell it just thinking about it. It’s the English in me. Also the smell of the woods. I think I attach smells to a lot of things. Autumn is the loveliest smell 😃


    • Autumn does smell good! I got a nose full of someone’s fire going last week, as I posted some letters, and it made me happy to think of their cosy living room.


  4. Hi Nette, I love Autumn too, mainly for the gorgeous colours that emerge, but also for the snuggle factor!
    oh, and I’m an autumn baby too!XXX


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