A new chapter…

Hey there, I have something exciting to share. Ready?

Two weeks from today, at about this time, I’ll be falling into my car, tired but hopefully jazzed about my first day at my new job. 

Yes, you read that correctly. I finally found a job! Or they found me – either way I’m pretty pumped about it. 

I think it will be a good fit. I’m going back to working my administrative magic in a small law firm, part-time. 

I know I’ll have aching hands at first, if there’s lots of typing.

I know I’ll pick up the phone and go completely blank about the name of the firm.

For sure, I’ll need to ask the same question five times, at least. 

Being a beginner in a professional setting will challenge my (still) sometimes ridiculous expectations of myself, there’s no point trying to gloss over it. I’ll be mindful of cut myself a break rather than beat myself up when I don’t know ALL OF THE THINGS after a week, or even two or three months. 

Remind me of that please, will you? #personalgrowth 

Even though I’ll be tired in a way I haven’t been for a long time, I’m looking forward to it. 

I might, just might, become a meal planner! Well, sort of. We shall see. 

Phew! It has been just over two years since the last time I started a new job (aside from my blink-and-you’ll-miss-it time at the Latvian Embassy 😉).

I just wanted to share that good news with you, my lovely online friends. We need all the good news we can get at the moment don’t you think? I sure do. 

All I need now is some fab new shoes, and I’ll be all set. 

Wish me luck. I start on Valentine’s Day…. naaaw, how totes romantic. 😍

I hope things in your world are goodly. Got some good news of your own to share? You know I want to hear it. 

As my literary guru Liz Gilbert says, ONWARDS! 


14 thoughts on “A new chapter…

  1. definitely onwards and upwards dear Annette! … so happy for you!
    yes, some nice new shoes always works wonders!;))
    enjoy your last days of freedom!
    wishing you all the very best for everything!
    much love m:)X


  2. Congratulations! It’s great to know you are going to be working in a professional capacity ! Please please please may your chair be comfy! And shoes too. Because .. you will be a wee bit tired & possibly sore as you start.. only natural. Very excited for you & glad you are already practising to be kind to yourself!!


    • And the gas bill, and food, and yes, a few art supplies!! Only part-time though, so I’ll still be a girl on a budget, just not below the poverty line anymore.


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