I Give You The Sketch – I did it!


It’s the last day of 2016, and I did it! 

I gave you the sketch, the watercolour, or the abstract acrylic painting, and I did that 366 times. 

Three hundred and sixty six creative acts, one for every day of 2016. 

Here are my last two offerings. 


It seemed fitting to end the year with one of my favourite subjects – nature. 

The thing I love about nature is that she just keeps growing. 

Setbacks don’t destroy her, she comes back more verdant than ever after fire or flood. 

Her roots go deep into the earth, unseen but strong, and what the casual observer might mistake for decay or death, is merely a deep slumber, from which she bursts back into life at just the right moment. 

Nature endures. 

Nature gives life. 

Nature brings joy. 

Nature is my muse. 

That’s why I love the simple lines of leaves, and it’s why I love to #lookup. 

So, here’s to my first ever year long creative project, #IGiveYouTheSketch đź’š #IGYTsketch #366of366 #IGYTsketchDec 

Thank you for every like, and for all your encouraging words, they have buoyed me up and helped me believe, I am an artist. 

I am. 

And I’m not finished yet. 

With thanks and joy and hope for you too to discover something new but old, something deep within yourself that wakes up your heart and brings you joy. We are not all that we will be, not yet – keep mining, keep believing. 

Happy New Year. 


Annette xx 

4 thoughts on “I Give You The Sketch – I did it!

  1. they are great! … cheers to you Annette!
    i’m so happy that you’ve found your happy creative spot!
    and I whish for more to unfold for you in 2017 hun!
    I think it’s all about evolving!
    i’m a bit chuffed myself, as I just sold three paintings yesterday!!! without even trying! yay!
    much love to you m:)X


  2. Annette, Congratulations on your year long project. I have enjoyed your sketches and paintings so much. I particularly like the top one. it reminds me of this guy who did some computer generated stuff and ended up having a whole range silk screened or printed somehow onto silk liberty scarves. I was totally in love with them. I can’t remember his name now but it was a fab story. Of course I could never afford one!!!
    Liberty should pick up on your fabulous sketching and paintings too I reckon!!
    Happy New year and heres to a fabulous creative year for you. Thanks for all the fun and LOLS over the year xxxx


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