What’s up? Taking Stock November

Hey there, what’s up? 

Lately my life feels epically boring, and a bit like I’m treading water with no land in sight – not great for a human, or a blogger! Time to take stock of things, don’t you think? List courtesy of the glorious Pip of Meet Me At Mike’s. 

Let’s go. 

Making: a list of things I’m interested in or fascinated by as part of artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon’s new class: Idea Generation. My list includes art supplies, modernism, gender fluidity, nature, galleries, books and still life.

Cooking: sparodically, it’s so frustrating not to be in the groove. I made a deliciously simple soba noodle salad last week, and a yummy pesto and couscous combo too. So far today, just baked beans on toast. 

Drinking: coffee, soda water and Bickford’s lemon cordial, and lots of water. Hydrate, people! 

Reading: The New York Times, BabyMac, Woogsworld, and a couple of fantastically timely posts by The Everywhereist. Read this post and this one too. 

Trawling: Twitter. Can’t look away from American politics. WTF? 

Wanting: some sense of direction or purpose. Should I consider studying something? 

Looking: up! In all kinds of weather. 

Deciding: not to get my op shop on today, I’ll go tomorrow. 

Enjoying: sketching, I’m almost finished a year of drawing every day. I’m kinda chuffed with my dedication and growth. You can check out my progress on Instagram, search the hashie #IGYTsketch.

Waiting: for Godot. 

Liking: lots of great Instagram photos, there are so many creative peeps out there. 

Wondering: if 2017 will be better, if I’ll find work again soon, how long I can stay in this holding pattern. Le sigh. 

Loving: that my sister has Netflix, I will be lobbing on her doorstep to watch the reboot of Gilmore Girls soon. 

Pondering: how to remember how your life changes, it seems to happen both glacially slowly and then all at once. 

Listening: to Starship’s Greatest Hits. Toe-tappingly great tunes. 

Buying: I think I’d like to buy a super short hair cut and maybe a colour, I’ll have to ask Santa about that. 

Watching: a fascinating show about Beatrix Potter. I’m inspired by ladies of the past who made their own way in the world. 

Hoping: is costly. I’m protecting my reserves. 

Marvelling: at the generosity of friends. Knowing I am blessed, even when my feelings don’t always concur. 

Cringing: at the rise of white supremacists in the US. 

Needing: a plan. 

Wearing: my gloriously cosy pink dressy gown. I think it’s got superpowers of comfort. 

Noticing: how incredible the cloud formations have been lately. 
Knowing: this too shall pass. It doesn’t feel true all the time, but I know it, I hope. 
Thinking: about how little I care about Christmas. Bah humbug. 
Admiring: the tree on my nature strip. Just yesterday I stood underneath it and admired it. 
Bookmarking: lots of articles about painting techniques. 
Disliking: feeling less than shazamy, but I dislike big fat fakers more. 
Opening: the wrapper on a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond chocolate. Thank you $2.50 special! 
Hearing: cicadas, they’re baaaaaack! So loud, so summery. 
Pretending: a little bit, I’m keeping an eye on it. 
Embracing: my feelings. 
Gasping: for breath, that was a long list, even though I skipped a few of Pip’s prompts. 
I shared this on Instagram this week, and I want you to see it too.  
Don’t shrink, okay? The ones who want you smaller are not your team. Please make sure you surround yourself with people who cheer you on, and that you cheer for too. It’s super important that we don’t spend another minute feeling “less than”, don’t you think? 
Let me know what’s up in your world in the comments. I love hearing from you. 
Annette x

15 thoughts on “What’s up? Taking Stock November

  1. Oh Annette, I love that post so much. I love how you are sitting just where you are now with pyjama days and cous cous and wondering and all the things that make up your life right now. I love how you write about it too.
    I put a bit of starship on my engagement party playlist… I smiled lots thinking of you singing away in your chair.
    I know there’s the shitty parts to where you are right now but also I see the good stuff. I totally see it everytime you write something. I do.
    To studying… YES!
    It’s worth a thought.
    Ive just done something totally crazy myself. If it works out it will include a lot of beans on toast and noodles for dinner!
    Keep looking up GORGE face. You make the world a nicer place xxx


  2. I love this list so much. Taking stock is a really good thing to do and I know I don’t do it often enough. I hope this holding pattern period passes for you soon Annette. Sending love ❤


  3. I love this list from Pip! I can imagine you sitting at your computer typing away your answers. Your responses are thoughtful and lighthearted xx


  4. Ah, US politics! Gosh, that election result had us depressed for days – but it’s like a car crash – just can’t look away! 2016 has really been a universally crappy year, I think, and I so hope things look up for you next year, or sooner! I love my pink dressing gown too. So cosy and comforting!


    • Super cosy!! I’m not looking forward to it being too warm to wear it. I’d like to fast forward through summer to my favourite season of them all – Autumn 🍃🍂🍁🍃🍂🍁🍃🍂🍁


  5. Hi Annette, I do love your blog, you are an excellent writer. I’m just hanging in there. I have a work situation somewhat like your own, however, I do have a casual 3 day p.w. job. One that is boring, going no-where and will end in a couple of months (when the contract runs out). It’s just (only) enough to live on.
    I’m hanging in there pretty badly today as I went for a job interview yesterday and like the last three years it was the same outcome. Always a bridesmaid… Huge shame as I really wanted the job (fatal, fatal feeling).
    My situation is like being thrown down a hill, onto a pile of sharp stones over and over. It hurts. I’m over it. But somehow (how?) you have to get up, dust yourself down and start climbing up the job-hunting hill again. Oh and remember to take on all the (not so) great advice from others on the way: ‘don’t take it personally’, ‘you’ve got to hang in there’ and ‘you’ll be sure to be successful soon’.


    • Hey Kimberly, thanks for joining the conversation so honestly. As far as looking for work, for me it’s really important to not just think about the search or it’s easy to be consumed by it and the ongoing rejections.

      I still want to be me, make art, write and just stay in the moment as much as I can. 💗


      • Thank you for your wise words Annette. I was only realising that last night, i.e. that my miserable part-time job and my endless job searching, application doing and (when lucky) interview preparation and then interview ‘performing’ is just consuming my whole life. Way more than when I had a (real and demanding) full-time job! I am not sure how to carve out enough time to keep doing the job hunting, the miserable p/t job doing and to find time to be me. A Christmas project perhaps? So glad to hear that you have created a mentally healthy balance for yourself. That is great news.


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