While I Was Sleeping

When my alarm set that Taylor Swift groove going at 7.44am today (I know, that’s late for some of you) I thought, you better be here soon Joe. 

Joe the electrician arrived after the allotted 8 – 9am hour, fixed my dodgy lights toot sweet and left me up, dressed and caffeinated, when I really wanted to still be smooshed up in a yellow sheet sandwich. I đź’› you, bed. 

A load of laundry had swooshed itself clean while I waited for Joe to arrive, so I lugged my basket into the morning’s sunshine and pegged that out, ON THE HILLS HOIST if you don’t mind, then came inside and flopped on the couch to watch CNN. 

I started thinking about croissants while Wolf Blitzer (best name ever) filled me in on the US election countdown, and it occurred to me that the US version of a croissant was only moments from my grasp.  


By the time I’d watched, and actually grasped some of the latest twists and turns on WestWorld, I was ready to reclaim my forfeited “day off” sleep in. 

As I drifted off, I had the coolest animated show going on inside my eyelids, bright white lines wriggling and dancing on a midnight blue backdrop, making houses, then shooting arrows, then dogs with Bowie lightning bolts running across their sweet faces, then morphing into pinwheels of fireworks. That had me falling asleep with a smile plastered across my tired face. 

While I was sleeping, my sweet, generous friend Krissy dropped off two boxes of garage clear-out artsy treasures for me. I am so excited about what I can create with all the goodies she left on my doorstep. Thank you Krissy. 


What’s the best thing that’s happened while you were sleeping lately? 


Annette xx 

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