Taking Stock: Spring 2016

Spring has sprung! It has been a confusing start to the season, we’ve had an explosion of blossom trees, some gorgeous sunny days, tee shirt weather, followed by rainy days and rummaging for a jumper, then more sun… nobody knows what to expect! 

The new season seems like a good moment to stop and take stock of where things are at. This is a Pip Lincolne idea, which lots of us think is quite terrific, so you’ll see Taking Stock posts pop up here and there, and I find it’s always an exercise that takes me to unexpected places. 

Here we go!

Making: a mess as I tidy up, you’ve got to go backwards before you can go forwards it seems. 

Cooking: pikelets – they are so easy and deliver every single time. Yummo. 

Drinking: coffee in the mornings, peppermint tea when I have a tummy ache, and my afternoon beverage of choice is soda water and lemon cordial. Sometimes I add a splash of vodka as the sun goes down! 

Reading: I just read Ruby Wax’s (Waxes?!) book Sane New World, which I found super interesting and engaging. The  brain is an incredible organ. 

Smelling: spring blooms 

Wanting: work. 

Looking: up. Even on days when I’m feeling sub-chipper, I do try, literally and figuratively, to look up. The sky is such a reassuring presence. Clouds, sunshine through branches, all that blue that goes on forever. Sigh, I love it. 

Playing: old Tina Arena tunes; Chains, Sorrento Moon, Heaven Help My Heart. Such great songs and what a GREAT singer she is. 

Deciding: what’s for dinner every damn night is painful at the moment. I’ve temporarily lost my kitchen mojo. 

Wishing: I had a personal chef, or at least someone to stock my fridge. 

Enjoying:sunny days ☀️☀️

Waiting: for my kitchen mojo to return. I’m hoping that flavoursome, simple, crunchy salad days aren’t far off. 

Liking: that other people seem to appreciate my artistic endeavours.

Loving: spending time with special friends. 

Pondering: where new things might take me. 

Buying: new pillows! I think it’s time, and a friend gave me a little “pick me up” voucher recently, so I can afford a simple treat. 

Watching: diverse documentaries on iTunes – Kill Switch, Tender, Herb & Dorothy, Copy & Paste. 

Hoping: for good things for you. Yep, really! 

Noticing: there’s strength in the sunshine again. 

Knowing: I have good people in my life, I am not in this alone. 

Thinking: about collaboration, encouragement, words, and creativity. 

Admiring: the makers, the dreamers, and those who get up and step into the arena. 

Disliking: #Trump2016 

Opening: new tubes of paint.

Feeling: positive again, after a shaky few weeks. 

Snacking: on strawberries, or Twisties. 

Hearing: birdsong #tweettweet 🐥🐥

How are you feeling about the change of season? I’m happy to be seeing more blue skies than grey, that’s for sure. 

But I’m also a teensy bit jealous of those of you moving into autumn, spring is a beautiful season, but autumn will always have my heart. 

What’s your favourite season? 

Have you got a fabulous (and frugal) salad recipe for me?  

Keep looking up, 

Annette x 

5 thoughts on “Taking Stock: Spring 2016

  1. I know it’s been/is a shitty time for you at the moment, Annette, but I love that you can still see the positive. Indomitable spirit! And how excellent to have a supportive gang around you. That’s pats on the back you for the sort of person you are. Hope that job comes soon xx


    • It has been kinda sucky Carolyn, no denying that. I’m feeling really happy that I’ve been able to get into a new ‘required activity’ which is actually INDOORS and it looks like there will be productive work to do too. What a concept! My next challenge is coming up with a creative way to fund my car insurance renewal. It’s due in four weeks and I’m nervous! But, what will be, will be. On the upside, it’s a beautiful day and there’s washing ON THE LINE – yay for sunshine!! Thank you for your encouragement and support, it means so much to know that there are fellow Pipsters cheering for me.


  2. So good to see some sunshine in your life again Annette 🙂
    Salads… Well I reckon a goodie is just tomatoes and sliced red onion and olive oil and lemon juice. I love it. Good luck for this week and good vibes for a fabulous job coming up 🙂


  3. not an easy time for you Annette! hugs!
    hoping your painting and drawing is helping with being cathartic at times!
    whilst in qld I was craving salads
    here’s a quick one to throw together!
    I bought shredded mixed cabbage … could use mixed lettuce, even cooked spinach or dare I suggest kale;))
    a bag of Julienned carrots and beetroot
    it was my dressing I loved
    a large dollop of tahini … a bit expensive but it lasts a long time
    a little sesame oil or olive oil
    a dash of vinegar … I used balsamic
    a dash of sweet chilli sauce … mix well
    I added walnuts or you could use chicken, fish or meat
    this would go on lots of cooked food too! … it’s yum!
    hope you like!
    much love m:)X


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