Cough-mas in July

I’d start this pun-titled post with a jolly Ho! Ho! Ho! but it would probably lead to a coughing fit. 

Ha! Just typing that made me cough. 

The winter lurgy has been around for over a week now – I’ve had an ear ache, then a back ache, I’ve felt sooo lethargic, and saddest of all, I had no appetite for days and days. My feet were as cold as ice blocks. 

Then there’s the headache, the coughing and sneezing, and even the occasional escape of a teeny bit of wee when the coughing is really bad. It’s uber glamorous around these parts. 

So, there has been a lot of this…


Lemons, lemons and more lemons, sliced and doused in hot water. Sometimes with honey, sometimes with rooibos, always soothing. Thank you, you little bombs of sunshine! 

I’ve watched a few CreativeBug videos, which I’ll return to once I’m lurgy free. 

Easy lunches.

Lots of lolling in front of the telly, more lemons and some orange juice to round out my citrus intake. 

But look, I’m still cute as ever. 

You shall not defeat me lurgy! 

Have you succumbed this winter? Got any sure-fire tips for bouncing back? 

Even though it’s been a bit miserable in here, the weather has been pretty sensational. Look at that sky! 

Here’s to remembering to look up, even when a lurgy has you feeling flat. 

Pass the tissues, 


Annette : ) 




4 thoughts on “Cough-mas in July

  1. I hope you are feeling a bit better Annette!
    lots of lemons and garlic and zinc!
    make a chicken broth or buy some!
    add powdered turmeric, coriander, ginger
    lemon and garlic! steep for a short while
    also nice in a vegemite or miso broth!
    I thought you looked cute too hun!
    much love m:)X


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