The view from 48

Good morning friends. 

This is my (slightly idealised) view, 48 days from turning 48. I’ve taken some creative license and brought us into autumn, because let’s face it, autumn is the most magical of the seasons. 

48 days from now I will turn 48. I like the symmetry of that. 

Recently, I’ve been pondering how I got here, who I am and what’s shaped me. Ive been wondering what markers along the way have been most significant, and perhaps more importantly, whether there are worthwhile and transmittable ideas, processes or unshackling posts that I could point out to others. (Does that sound ridiculously arrogant? I hope not.) 

48 isn’t 50, it’s not a Hallmark sponsored milestone, but it is what’s cresting in front of me. 

It’s a long time, isn’t it? 48 years. 

Not compared to the planets or the stars, or even the trees in the nearby hills, but for a person, it’s a good stretch of  days and nights, of summers, autumns, winters and springs. It’s a lot of Christmases and birthdays. It’s a hell of a lot of Monday mornings! 

Will I write 48 daily posts? I’m not sure, I kind of doubt it, though I do have the time at the moment. 

What I’m hoping is that by making a concerted effort to both reflect, and to scout what’s ahead, I might stumble across some things that help me join the dots. 

I’ve got this sneaking suspicion that the truest, best changes in our lives, the really important work of the soul (ugh, sorry about that!), happens not on the mountain tops, but germinates slowly, incrementally, often without us having much awareness of what’s going on, in the every day, in the mundane. 

There’s no mapped out plan for the next 48 days, there are no draft posts waiting in the wings, but I do want to tell you some stories. 

No matter how SnapChatty the world becomes, I think we still need stories. Stories and questions. 

Let’s find out. 


Annette x 


This is me, 49 days from 48. 


4 thoughts on “The view from 48

  1. Ah Annette, happy “48 days before your 48th birthday” day! I’ve just turned 48 this past weekend and I have pondered many things in the run up and since that day. I do know that stories matter – I have been writing a lot of longer Facebook posts to reflect that. Often times FB posts seem easier to do than blog posts and it’s easier to churn them out on my phone. I’ve also reached a point where, finally, I am comfortable with who I am. I feel lucky to have found that before my 50th. Have a wonderful day on the day and I look forward to your thoughts and stories in the run up. Much love, Sarah x


  2. I always love your posts thankyou Annette!
    there’s someone home in there! … I respond to thoughtful processes! … i’m always questioning and delving into depths … not to be depressed just because i’m interested!
    it was my birthday yesterday!!! … hellooo 66 we could ponder on that one or not!
    so far you’ve attracted two pisces! … i’m pretty close to the pisces bone! … without wanting or needing a label! … ok! off with the fairies! ever the dreamer! … probably why I get through stuff! just make up other stuff to fit! … I always hope to evolve!
    i’ll stay tuned hun! … last days of summer! … nearly autumn!
    i’m ok and so are you! much love m:)X


    • Happy birthday Merilyn!! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
      Thoughtful is the way through isn’t it? Or at least the way to enjoy the ride!
      Thank you for always being so on board with what I’m putting out into the world.
      May 66 be a cracker year for you xxxx


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