One Mark went to mow

Earlier this week I received a text from Mark the mowing man. 

Mark is a great bloke. We often have a chat when he’s here. Mark is friendly, reliable and he has cool tattoos. 

Here’s how this week’s text convo with Mower Man Mark played out. 


I thought that would be the end of it. He’s running a small business, not a free mowing service. 

Even a generous guy might baulk at waiting that long… but not Mark. 

(For the record, because I know that you know I love language, kindness trumps punctuation!)

How great is Mark? 

I was pretty damned chuffed, and humbled, by his offer. 

On Wednesday morning, Mark sent someone around to mow the lawns, and I think you’ll agree they look great. 

It’s kind of wonderful to have someone trust you like Mark trusted me this week. 

Better get back to the job hunting now, I owe Mark $50! 

Do you have a Mark in your life? 

Who has shown you kindness lately? 

Better yet, who have you been a Mark to? 


Annette 💚

11 thoughts on “One Mark went to mow

  1. what a lovely story Annette! … it restores hope after seeing and hearing too much crap on television! …
    there still are some genuinely wonderful people out there!
    good luck with your job hunting hun!
    love m:)X


  2. I find this really touching, Annette. There is kindness in the world, isn’t there? On a bad day it sometimes doesn’t feel like it, but it is there, in people like Mark (and you too, I’m sure). Thank you for sharing your texts 🙂


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