A Casual Casualty

What’s the old saying… it was fun while it lasted? Well, at least it was profitable, and there were some good moments.  

I’ve become a casualty of working casually. 

Just one shift this week, then after a quick conversation and a couple of text messages, my ability to pay my rent in three weeks is thrown into doubt. 

No, that’s not the whole story, but it’s where things stand right now. 

I have not been happy in my current/former job for a while. I don’t do well with a “one rule for us, one rule for you” mentality. I don’t do well with conflict and blame, and I definitely do not do well with not typing everything I want to about it right now, but I should show some restraint. 

I’m not totally surprised, the writing has been on the (internal) wall for a while, I just didn’t expect the ink to dry so quickly once I voiced my dissatisfaction.  

It is, of course, my employer’s prerogative to immediately cut the cord, that’s what being a casual entails. 

And so, I’ll be dusting off my CV this week, updating my SEEK profile and putting on my thinking cap – a very jaunty crocheted number – and considering what’s next. 

Here’s what I know about me and work: 

I love working in teams, and I enjoy solving problems. 

I love creative industries and I want to do something more with my skills and time than simply bolster my employer’s bank account. 

I love a typo free document, I love a full stationery supply cupboard, heck I even enjoy refilling the stapler! 

I am an administrator, and I am more than that. I am a creative thinker. 

I’m great with words and I can create great blog content for your business. 

I care about details. Spelling and grammar still matter. 

Social media can be a great business tool. If your organisation’s Facebook page has tumbleweeds blowing through it, I’ll notice. 

I believe honesty actually is the best policy. 

I’m unafraid to speak my mind. My point of view is just as valid as anyone else’s. 

Being the new girl in a work environment is daunting but I’m up for the challenge. 

If I get really stressed, I will cry. It’s just salty water, I’ll regroup quickly. Stress responses don’t mean I can’t master the task. 

And even with this door closing, I know this: I’m a great person to have on your team. 


Have you ever been a casual casualty? 

Do you believe in dream jobs? 

What’s your top tip for finding rewarding work? 





12 thoughts on “A Casual Casualty

  1. oh dear! … big hugs hun!X
    there is something better for you!
    I had been wondering how that job was panning!
    you kept your stiff upper lip long enough!
    I have no idea about job seeking, but I know that the status quo is not us and maybe something more creative is in line for you!
    “big magic” working it’s ways in the world!
    I hope you see a sign soon lovely! … just keep painting! … love m:)X


  2. I’m sorry things didn’t work out Annette. That’s hard and upsetting but I love that you know your strengths and that you’re an asset to any employer. I hope someone is smart enough to pick you up stat. x


  3. I’m not sure I believe in dream jobs. i do believe in pursuing your dream life though and sometimes a dream job – or just an income stream from a job – may just be one that pays the bills, keeps food on the table and allows you to pursue the other interests that truly excite you.

    All the best with your job hunt 🙂


  4. I know you don’t mean it this way, but THIS is a fantastic ad for all that you would bring to a potential employer. Totally include it in your cover letter!

    I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. Very best of luck with the hunt and if I can help in any way let me know. Big hug xx


  5. I am sending out all the positive vibes that something wonderful will come your way. As for finding the next thing, I think you are already on a roll with specifying exactly what you are good at and what you can offer.


  6. I’m such a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I’m sure something good is headed your way soon!


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