Things I’m Liking #1

I like all kinds of things – old things, odd things, shiny and tarnished things, new things. I like nature-y things and creative things too. 

I can’t be the only one who likes things, so I figured, why not share the things I’m liking with you. 

You like things too, right? 

Things I’m Liking posts might be mostly images, or links galore, or Elmo videos…. anything’s possible. 

Here are some thing I’m liking lately: 


I’ve decided to sketch every day in 2016. That’s 366 sketches. 17 down, a LOT to go. 

To help me kick start my year of sketching, I’m drawing along with illustrator Lisa Congdon’s 31 Things To Draw course on CreativeBug.

Do you know about CreativeBug?? It’s a RAD online creative hub where you can do loads of creative courses, and get loads of inspiration, and bonus – it is super affordable! 


This evening as I was hanging washing on the Hills Hoist, I looked up at the big tree in my neighbour’s yard and noticed how the light was hitting it in a beautiful way. 

I just stood there for a moment, admiring the tree, the shimmering leaves, the shape of the branches and the play of the golden light. I don’t think it’s possible to look at a tree, I mean really look, and not feel better. 

I’m mad for trees, for sky, for clouds. Mad! 

The sky has been so BLUE this week. Check it out. 

New magazine love

In my younger days, I was, frankly, a magazine hussy. I was giving it away to any glossy that caught my eye. 

Magazines were my weakness, and it was definitely quantity over quality. I bought practically every women’s mag on the stands – Dolly, Cosmo, CLEO, New Idea, Woman’s Day, and the once iconic, now slightly wayward The Australian Women’s Weekly. I miss you Maggie T. 

As I got older, my tastes changed, thank goodness!

I became a Real Living, Home Beautiful, and Australian Country Style kind of gal. Aspirational homes, stories about life in the country, and amazing insights into how people with way more money than I’ll ever have renovated and decorated their homes, with great food sections and gorgeous styling. What’s not to love? 

Lately, I have been a bit bored with this genre. 

These days, I’ve got BabyMac for my hit of country style, awesome stories, delicious food and gorgeous photography – as well as other fab blogs – so I don’t need those home style magazines like I used to. 

So, when I saw this Mindfood two-for-one pack at the supermarket, I snapped it up. There are some great looking articles in both issues. Perhaps I’ve found a new favourite? 

I also highly recommend Womankind, advertising free and so smart and beautifully presented.  

The return of muesli! 

Such a simple thing, a bowl of muesli topped with yoghurt, but something that came off the shopping list while I wasn’t working, and I’ve recently wanted to reinstate. Of course my local supermarket doesn’t stock my favourite kind, Carman’s Deluxe, so I ventured over to the competition et voila, score! I added some cranberries and scissored up some prunes. Yumfest. 

These are just a few of the things I’m liking lately. 

What are you liking right now? 

Got a great book or band recommendation for me? 

Have you discovered or rediscovered a thing that you’re really digging? Do tell. 

Oh, there’s one more thing I really like. You. Thank you for reading my blog and for your ace likes and comments. They, and you, rock. 

Until next time, 

Annette xx  


9 thoughts on “Things I’m Liking #1

  1. hi Annette! … the old hills hoist then!;
    yes things! … mmmm … i’m like you!;))
    i’m loving your every day sketch book! … so immediate and spontaneous!
    I’m going to do that too! even though I constantly draw and doodle in my various journals and sketch books, I could be more day specific!
    then was thinking, seeing as you loved “cape grim” on snap widget … you could get some canvases and express yourself in a different way! ie thick paint! … go get’m girl! no over thinking! … just do it!
    that women’s mag sounds good! and anything to work the brain!
    my verb for the day … this minute … is express!
    adapt is my word for the day! … have a good one hun!
    lots of love m:)X


    • Express and adapt. Good words Merilyn!
      I’d like to try more mediums, but I need a few tips about the how to. I have some great art books I should dive into a bit more.
      It is too hot for me today…. I am an autumn girl through and through. Might be time to crack those magazines open with a cold drink.


  2. Great post and so nice to see the things that fill you up. I love your drawing. Last year was a massive learning curve for me in what I do and don’t like. I am a bit of a flighty person – I tend to be like a butterfly flitting from one thing to the next, never really settling on any one thing for any length of time. But I have managed to realise a few things: I love anything that feeds my mind on an intellectual level – currently reading womankind, New Humanist, New Philosopher and Archaeological Diggings are my faves. I am very much into listening to podcasts – Philosophy Bites, The Moth and Infinite Monkey Cage are current ones that inspire me. I love being near the ocean, but equally love the mountains. Whilst I love to be around creativity and art, I came to realise that I don’t particularly like doing it. However, I do like to scrapbook more for the act of memory keeping though than the design of setting a photograph to colour. I love to write. Hmm, quite a lot of likes there. Have a lovely day Annette and thanks for sharing xx


    • I was obsessed with archaeology in high school. Thought I’d be an Egyptologist for a good minute at least. A friend of mine is visiting Pompeii soon, and I am totally jealous of her. I’ve got a few new podcasts to check out, I’ve heard good things about Philosophy Bites, might add that to my list.
      I like that you have lots of likes Sarah, always something on the go.


  3. Oh you’ve just reminded me how much I enjoy Mindfood – I must keep an eye out out for the double. I don’t remember the last mag I bought on a regular basis, thankfully that’s one vice that seems to have gone by the wayside. I’ve got one week of holidays left, so I’m enjoying EVERYTHING this week, but especially my sleepin’s. Bircher’s muesli is my favourite – might be time to flick the toast & vegemite I’ve been partaking in and get back on the muesli bandwagon …… happy sketching, only 347 or so days to go ……


    • Sleep ins are the best! Of course, today being my day off, I couldn’t sleep and am already feeling really tired, and it’s not even lunchtime. Enjoy the last days of your time off, eat that bircher, read a magazine or two, gaze out a window, preferably at a tree. I’m trying not to think about all 347-ish sketches, just today’s!


  4. I’ve been through those mag phases too, Annette. I love a magazine subscription as a birthday or Chrissie present and there are some gorgeous ones around now -Frankie, Flow, Peppermint and the newly discovered Uppercase, all illustration and inspirational images. Good book I’m reading at the moment is Mothers Grimm by Danielle Wood. I’m liking that the tennis had started – that always makes me feel like it’s summer holidays. And I’m liking following your creative journey!


  5. You are so onto it Annette – trees and museli are both very underrated!

    I’ve had a little look at CreativeBug, and I must say I like the sound of that drawing course!

    Right now, I’m liking Sharon Van Etten for some great tunes, and endless, endless podcasts, including No Such Thing As A Fish, and Stuff You Should Know 🙂


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