The one about the sky

I think the cat’s out of the bag, I am obsessed with the sky. 

Shape shifting clouds, the more than 50 shades of blue, and how the sunset throws pinks and oranges and slowly morphs to deep grey as it fades to black… OB-SESSED! 


On Friday morning before work, instead of just rushing inside, I stood in the alley behind my workplace, coffee in hand, and I looked up at the vast blue sky. It made me happy. 

Happy is a good way to start the day, don’t you think? 

Anyway, I could go on and on about the sky, or I could just let it speak for itself.

I headed to the beach last night to catch the sunset and it was SUBLIME. 



I decided to throw my sketch book in my bag… 

I love how these clouds look like someone’s dragged a fork through them. 

I was thinking about the way the sky never ends as I stood and took these photos, about how even if we’re far from people we want to hug with all our might, when they look up, it’s the same sky above us all. 

Are you a sky gazer? Got a thing for clouds? Seen any great sunsets lately? Know someone who needs a hug? 

Want to get happy?

Look up. 


Annette ☁️☁️


12 thoughts on “The one about the sky

  1. Hugs to you from across that vast sky Nettie! I am also a heliophile (the closest latin term I could find to sky lover. It means lover of sunlight, which is not the same thing, but close. Did you know there is also a flowering plant called ‘sky lover’? It’s that impossibly deep blue of a summer sky.
    Your blog post sent me out last night, for a walk up the volcano near our house. The view from up there was breathtaking, and the sky was showing off. I’m sure it knew I was up there just to look at it.
    Your blog always reminds me of the simple things I can do to live a better life. Thank you Nettie.
    And how stunning are those silhouettes? Great photos!


  2. Yes! I just said the exact same thing to my husband yesterday as I lolled in my pool gazing at the outline of the palm trees against the azure sky. I love your photos Annette. Especially the second one. And those clouds look exactly like someone dragged a fork through them.


    • Clouds are endlessly fascinating aren’t they? Seen from the pool or parked by the sea, or out in traffic. I’m constantly looking up at them. ☁️☁️☁️


  3. yes I think that clouds are magical Annette! …lovely!
    my father taught me to look at shapes in the clouds when I was a small child!
    I thanked him recently, on his 90th birthday, for starting my journey into my imagination!
    some gorgeous clouds there! … great shots!
    spontaneity is a good thing and glad you took your sketch book along!
    I like that drawing hun!
    love m:)X


    • The old iPhone 4S does alright doesn’t it Vanessa? Maybe it’s in the genes, the only thing I know about my biological dad, aside from height and eye colour, is that he was a photographer.
      Imagine what I could do with a proper camera! Hey Olympus!! 😉
      I hope your school walks continue to provide you with skyward inspiration.


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