Stormy Weather

The blue sky I love disappears as the clouds roll in. The rain starts to fall, then pelt down. 

My little boat rocks and dips as the waves smash the bow. I can’t find my life jacket. 

Water is coming into the boat. I’m bailing fast. 

The cloud overhead is huge. It’s all I see. 


The storm goes on and on, the sky is so dark. The horizon gets swallowed by the storm clouds. 

There are moments where the water rises as high as my mast, smashing over the sides of my tiny boat, soaking me. 

I feel powerless and small. 

The storm rages on, now not only around me, but inside of me. 

I become the waves and wind. I am out of control. I lash out. 

I send out an SOS.

It gets garbled, and sounds like anger and frustration.

I am overwhelmed. 

Morning comes. 

I am shattered by the ferocity of the storm I’ve endured.  

My radio crackles to life with messages – my SOS has been heard. 

I am buoyed up. 

The weather is quieter, though the clouds overhead remain. 

I see patches of blue sky again, and the yellow of my sail catches the morning light. 

As the morning passes, I survey the damage and begin to count the cost of the storm. 

I head for the safety of the harbour. 

The tally goes up and up in my mind, yet my perspective shifts – I see more than the storm now. 

I know that my boat is battered, that I need to undertake significant repairs and that it will be costly. 

The storm clouds recede. I tilt my head, remembering that the sky is vast. 

The breeze kicks up pleasantly, the sun hits my face. 

I breathe deeply. 

My boat is so small, and the ocean seems endless. With the sun on my face, I don’t feel small anymore. 

My yellow sail flutters overhead. 

The radio crackles with more directions back to the harbour; my haven and home. 

I am the captain of this boat, just as I am the captain of my oceanic soul. 


I have been battered by the storm, but not defeated. I will sail again. 


16 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. Yes! Fine weather ahead Cap’n! Glad you and your little boat are intact. I am impressed that you weather the storms with such grace and positivity. And even more than that, I love that you painted it out! Great post Nettie!


    • I joined the yell brigade yesterday, it was utterly shit.
      That’s a price I’m not willing to pay on an ongoing basis.
      Nu-uh, no way Jose.
      Send me more good juju…. I need it.


  2. I love this Annette! … such a metaphor!
    I hope you’ve done some healing through it!
    whatever it may be! and may the sun shine brightly on you hun!
    much love m:)X


  3. Hi there Annette. Beautiful, poignant writing and I love the art work too. I truly hope your week this week finds you feeling a lot better with more sun than rain. Thank goodness you managed to weather the storm and wait for your SOS to be heard. Sending buckets of love xx


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