Retreat! Retreat!

Hello weekend! 

I posted this on Instagram last night. 

By the time I got home, I felt entirely peopled out. I may only have a chain on my front door, not an actual drawbridge, but closing that door on the world, particularly on a Friday night, and hearing that metallic slide… it’s one of my favourite sounds.   

The past few weeks have included shouting, doors being slammed, and seemingly endless defences rather than fixes… it’s exhausting. 

After a scramble to fix a last minute oversight, it was just more of the same. I’m so worn out by it. Worn out. 

Yesterday there were tears in the afternoon (mine), and today I’m left feeling depleted and a little trapped in my current situation at work. Ugh. 

So, this weekend is all about retreat, replenishing my emotional tanks and enjoying the simple things. 

Things like the sounds of morning birdsong and turning over to snooze for another hour or two, the comfort of pjs, downloading new books from Amazon (thank you 99 cent sale!) and fossicking in my kitchen for simple snacks. 

The news coming out of Paris today is just horrible, and after watching a little of the coverage, which in the early hours of an attack like this quickly becomes looped replays of politicians and police at barricades, I switched back to easier-on-the-heart design shows. 

My beautful friend Sarah was in Paris just a matter of days ago, and her social media feed showed the power and beauty of that city. I am thrilled that she is safely back in the arms of her family today. Thrilled and relieved. 

We are so fragile, whether we consider ourselves safe and secure or not, we are ultimately not in control of our lives. 

We go to Bali and get stuck there by ash clouds, we go to a concert and find ourselves in the midst of a massacre, we go for a drive and get in an accident, we get bad news from the doctor. And we sometimes feel fear and lack of control in our homes, workplaces and hearts.  

We need to look after ourselves, and each other. 

We need to look after ourselves, and each other. (It’s worth saying twice, don’t you think?)

In that spirit, this weekend I’m in retreat, staying put at home, looking after myself. 

I’m heartened by the words of love and solidarity with the people of Paris that I’ve seen on Twitter and Instagram, and relieved that I can retreat, knowing others can’t put up the drawbridge on the issues they’re battling with. 

The thought of being out of control in life can be daunting, and while I think it’s something we need to acknowledge, I don’t think it’s healthy to dwell on it. 

The best thing any of us can do is get up and get on with being kind, putting good energy into our relationships, doing our bit in times of trouble, keeping an eye out for our sisters, neighbours, colleagues, Instapeeps and blog buddies. You can add the guys at your school, soccer club, craft crew or Trekkie hangout to the list. 

Keep an eye on those people. They need you, and you need them. Keep an eye on yourself too. You matter. 

I’ll be getting up and getting on with it too, but not for a few days yet. 

Big love to you and yours, 


Annette xx



10 thoughts on “Retreat! Retreat!

  1. I agree that there are times (like now!) when it’s important to retreat & re-gather our Resiliance and more. Sorry to hear the job is proving not to be a great place to work. So unnecessary to work in a tense environment .. I know you waited a long time for paid work but it cannot be easy staying where you are so ill-treated.
    Glad you are caring for you & seeing the best things in life for what they are to you.


    • I am loving my retreat Denyse. I just don’t understand the “now with added tension” thing at all, it is so unnecessarily draining. I’ll bust out the sketchbook and paints soon, they’ll do me a world of good.


  2. So well written Annette! We can tire of endlessly meeting everyone’s needs, and eventually we have to meet our own. I can’t watch endless reruns of what’s happening in Paris, instead I choose to pull my drawbridge up too and rest my body and brain of all the outside influences. Take care 🙂


  3. Being kind and keeping an eye out for others is an excellent sentiment, Annette. It would make the world a whole lot more harmonious. And sometimes that means respecting the need of others to retreat for replenishment. Enjoy your weekend x


  4. I like a drawbridge too Annette!
    i’m sorry you are having a tough time in your workplace!
    when are people going to be mature?
    on a bigger picture, sorry but i’m feeling overwhelm, doom and gloom! over the horrific happenings in paris!
    i’m not one for hooking into mass drama, but we stayed in the 10 arrondissement
    and I have such a love for paris! … this is really scary stuff!
    definitely out of our control! … as most things are!
    all we can only do is be nice to each other!
    sending much love m:)X
    not meaning to dump on you! … just saying how I feel!
    PEACE is all we can hope for!


    • I think many who have visited the City of Light are feeling as you do Merilyn. It’s a perfectly natural response to such horror, magnified by people’s love for the place and memories they’ve made there.

      I still want to see Paris with my own eyes, though I’ve visited through books and films and art.

      Take care x


    • It’s so important Robyna, and taking these few days, which meant saying no to other things, will not only help me stay employed, but happy and sane!! And as a single gal it’s quite easy for me to do.
      Everyone should retreat regularly.


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