Taking Stock – October 2015

Howdy readers!

It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon, and I’m sucking down free wifi at the library. Thank you council!

Spring has really hit its stride, now that we’re in daylight savings again (yay!), so it feels like a good time for a bit of reflection and taking stock. I love this exercise of Pip’s, it always makes me stop and think about what’s happening in my life.

Here we go!

Making: a lot of noise in the echo chamber that is the foyer outside the library, I’ve suddenly got a frog in my throat.

Cooking: chicken, bacon and new potatoes, which I shred and smash, then mix with crunchy celery and creamy mayo for an easy weekend dinner, the eat again for lunch. I love cooking that stretches across a couple of days of eating.

Drinking: Soda water and lemon cordial. So refreshing. It’s been almost a year since I gave soft drink the flick, though lately I’ve have the occasional can of fizzy stuff.

Reading: The Anti Cool Girl by Rosie Waterland. What a book! Rosie’s writing is sublime, and her honesty about what her life has been to this point really moved me. I’m almost finished Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ll definitely be going back to the start with my highlighter in hand, there’s so much good stuff in that book. And FYI, Elizabeth Gilbert thinks I’m gorgeous! Here’s the proof.

Thank you Liz!
Thank you Liz!

Wanting: more inspiration in my painting, I often want to grab the brushes but sometimes I lack focus and don’t know what to paint. Got any tips for me?

Looking: Up. Often. All that spring sky. It’s so good for my heart.

2015-09-19 12.18.33-1

Playing: David Bowie’s Greatest Hits

Wishing: That Auckland was a titch closer. I’d love to be able to pop over to my friend Rachel’s with a bottle of wine on a Friday night.

Enjoying: that hands-on creativity has become part of who I am. I draw or paint almost every day and it brings me so much quiet happiness.

My very own girl gang.
My very own girl gang.

Liking: My Ruby & Lilli – Inspired Life Tee. It was a present from my friend Rach, and I adore it.

Loving: knowing people online who genuinely support and encourage each other. I’m grateful to have found a happy crew to hang with, and be inspired by. Step away from your keyboard if you’re cranky, those are real people you’re firing your missives at. Just stop it.

Pondering: why some people refuse to see a link between the number of guns in the US and the insane frequency of mass shootings there. I will never understand this notion that ‘freedom’ equals a carrying deadly weapon. And the paranoia and illogical arguments around the issue – so infuriating!

Considering: moving to bigger canvases in my painting adventures. All that white space, hmmm, maybe not quite yet.

Buying: avocados, bacon, soda water, Lurpak butter, chocolate. Just the necessities of life.

Watching: Blue Bloods, Nashville, Rock The Boat, House of Cards, and Gilmore Girls. I’m nothing if not eclectic in my viewing tastes.

Hoping: that this summer won’t be crazily hot. I just cannot deal with those icky overnight ‘lows’ in the mid-20s.

Marvelling: at the way some people face adversity and then fashion it into a crown. I’m looking at you Styling Curvy. You are creating something beautiful with your life.

Needing: nothing really. I could list off some wants, but couldn’t we all. Satisfaction is a practiced habit.

Questioning: what’s next, not in a major way, but I wonder what 2016 might have in store.

Smelling: flowers in bloom. I noticed as I was walking down the street after work the other day, that the air was heady with spring fragrance.

Wearing: one of my new Ruby & Lilly tees – coffee rings! So hot right now.

Following: Blogs that inspire me and make me smile. I loved being along for the ride on Baby Mac’s recent Italian adventure, and there are always nice happenings on fellow Melbourne gals Bird & Fox and Iris and Edie‘s blogs.

Noticing: clouds, sunsets and light. Every day, I see beautiful shapes, colours and tones in the sky

2015-09-25 18.34.22-1

Knowing: my youngest sister’s life is about to change forever. Baby’s coming soon!

Thinking: about ways I can support her once ‘Barry’ arrives. Already, there are so many opinions! I want to be a big sister who helps her trust herself as she becomes a mum.

Admiring: so many ladies I’ve met via the keyboard. Ladies who create, who write, who cook, who build others up, who tell it like it is and most of all, ladies who use their platform to champion others. There’s no shortage of them, I guarantee you.

Getting: to the point where I really need to vacuum my house. I hate vacuuming!

Bookmarking: Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook page. This lady is wise and funny and all about inspiring others. I’ll have what she’s having. The fact that she thinks I’m gorgeous has nothing to do with it, I swear!

Coveting: creative inspiration. The desire is there, but I’d like to channel it into a project of some kind.

Disliking: Internet trolls and cranks. Go and do something positive with your life. Why waste the days you’ve been given destroying another person? You were made for more than that. So much more.

Opening: too many emails I don’t care about, must be time to get my unsubscribe on.

Laughing: with my hairdresser. We have such strange, funny conversations when I’m in the chair.
Feeling: good, but slightly restless.

Snacking: did someone say salt & vinegar chips? Yum!

Helping: by being a sounding board, just recently it’s been great to do more encouraging murmuring than instructional speaking, and it works. People get there in their own time.

Hearing/sensing: that people need encouragement. The end of the year is coming, people are tired. To you I say, you can do it! And if there’s someone you can ask to help you carry the load, do that too, please.

So that’s what is going on with me.

If you’d like to get on the Taking Stock bandwagon, head over to the original source of inspiration (credit where credit’s due, it’s easy and nice to do!). Just copy and paste the list at the bottom of Pip’s post and away you go. It’s a great exercise for your journal, blog, Facebook wall, Instagram feed or even as a family activity.

Stay grateful friends. Tell me what’s going on with you? What is catching your eye and making you smile?

Big love,

Annette x

26 thoughts on “Taking Stock – October 2015

  1. truly Annette you aren’t going to believe this!
    about half an hour ago I thought where is Annette to give me my verbs?
    I thought maybe I wasn’t getting your posts anymore! … things like that happen since I upgraded to windows 10! … mmm!
    so I went to your insta thingy and perused. thinking I needed to do more watercolours! … so I got them out and puddled around!
    went back to my inbox and helloo! there you were! … WHAT!! … cosmic I thought! …
    just saying!;)))
    hair looks good hun! … yes a larger canvas with a loaded brush and go for broke as if no one’s looking! grab the colours that scream use me now! … no over thinking!;
    I tell you, … you will feel heaps better after the catharsis! … you can keep it or re work it! don’t be precious with it! build up the layers of what is coming out for you! … lesson finished!
    it can be your everyday catharsis canvas or not! … all good!
    you sound like you are in a good space!
    love the comment from Elizabeth gilbert! … yes!
    and isn’t jen @styling curvy amazing!
    and good on you! … thankyou for giving me my verbs Annette! … love m:)X

    this is a good read but will read and ponder more closely!


    • I love it! It’s good to know I was missed. Thanks for the tips about going bigger with the painting too. I do have a canvas I picked up at the op shop… hmmmm, stay tuned.


  2. Such a gorgeous peep into the amazing woman who is Annette!
    We are so pleased you’re enjoying your tees (3 now! Woo! That’s a good little collection you have started) and thank you so much for the support. xx
    PS. We think your friendship with Rachel is just gorgeous, when we received your orders for your Inspired Life tees – to each other! – we were just so impressed with your genuine love and affection for each other. Long distance relationships can be so hard can’t they xx


    • Oh thanks Rachael! So sweet of you to comment.

      That Rach is a total babe and I’d likely never have found her without blogging, so NZ definitely is top of my must-visit destinations list now. We are definitely soul sisters.


    • Hey Monica, if you’re in Melbourne, email me, let’s make it happen!! ☕️☕️
      And just for the record, I’m no angel. I have my bad days, get cranky and am even occasionally ranty!


  3. Hmm, making me smile is your little mention of my blog! Thanks you lovely Annette! And leftovers are smile worthy too. Today I had leftover zucchini slice and there was leftover Turkish lamb pie for my boy to have for his. Happiness all round!


  4. Fab list lady! I love your ‘girl gang’ painting and your photos of the sky and sunsets. I can never capture enough sunrises and sunsets to satisfy my heart. I also love your answer to ‘needing’. So wise and something I am feeling too. Oh, and I’ve also been getting my unsubscribe on – Spring/Autumn are those kind seasons to shake things up, aren’t they?


    • There’s something about coming out of winter that says ditch and/or re-arrange all the things, for sure!
      One of my favourite things about where I work is the huge windows, it’s where I took this sunset photo.
      The sky is my crush, I’m weird like that. 😂😂😂


  5. Hi you! Taking Stocks are so fun to read as well as write. I like your shopping list – yum! Maybe you should draw/paint what you bought. Have you seen the work of Kate Bingaman Burt? Her drawings are so cool, just everyday stuff but great.
    Keep on doing what you are doing girl! x


  6. Yes to free wifi! Bless libraries. So many other things about this post made me smile – the fact that you also love daylight savings, looking up, painting and getting creative, making friends with Elizabeth Gilbert (!), Gilmore Girls, and the fact that you’re feeling good. I also wish New Zealand was a little bit closer and also that I had the money and time to travel there and visit The Lovely Jumble’s Laura! How ace that we’ve both found excellent pals through this blogging business!

    Thanks for mentioning my little ol’ blog, too – you’re such a lovely human being.

    Oh, and thanks for the book recommendations. Looking forward to treating myself with those ones soon.

    Thanks again Annette – you’re brilliant.


  7. Elizabeth Gilbert and I are of one mind when it comes to you.. and a few other things too!
    I loved reading your taking stock post. I love having you and your very special friendship in my life 🙂 Thank you for my tee, I treasure it. Ruby and Lilli make the BEST TEES EVER. And I imagine if I were in your kitchen right now, you’d be making me the BEST TEA EVER! We will cross the ditch some time Nettie, I promise. So many of my favourite things in your taking stock post!
    Love love love!


  8. Thanks for this lovely post that lifted my day as I sit here on the couch not able to go far or do much… you have given me some good links to remind me of the Pip Blog community and catch up with some reading. I somehow seemed to have missed the book by Elizabeth Gilbert…Big Magic….where have I been?? I feel like I have missed so much of late… will be hunting this out at the booksellers as soon as I am mobile. Cheers Nat X


    • Lots of ace links in this post aren’t there?
      There’s so much good stuff out there I want to share with people.
      Keep your feet up Nat, I’m glad you’re being well cared for.


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