The power of storytelling

Whether it’s the Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, the Brownlow or the Emmys, awards shows are notoriously l-o-o-o-n-g and they often have lots (and lots) of boring stuff in between the few awesome moments. This is less true when Tina and Amy are hosting.

Today, I fast-forwarded my way through a great deal of the Emmys, hoping for one memorable moment, and Frances McDormand delivered.

Thank you Frances.

I adored her in Something’s Gotta Give, and was mesmerised by her in the tv show she won an Emmy for today, Olive Kitteridge.

And I definitely loved her acceptance speech, for her outstanding performance in Olive Kitteridge.

She walked on to the stage (in a sensationally understated dress), and simply said this:

2015-09-21 16.27.53


I couldn’t agree more.

Stories well told, in my opinion, are always enough.

I just deleted a long, rambly chunk of this post.

What I want to say about what Frances said is this.

If you happen to be hanging in there with The Verbs, I’m grateful. I know I haven’t written much lately.

You and I are a team in this thing, I write the words, but you make this thing what it is. I write for you.

I think what Frances said this afternoon resonated and drew me to the keyboard, because blogging, for me, is all about telling stories.

If I could, oh how I wish I could… I’d write just one post that would once and for all show you how magnificent you are, right in this moment, and just re-post the shit out of it. Forever.

I don’t think The Verbs will ever be pinging into your inboxes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, with a sweet newsletter for subscribers once a month. That’s just not me. To the people who it is, you are frickin’ rock stars… that shit takes a lot of work!

I have to write when I’ve got something to say. I want to write about things that matter to me, as well as about silly things that I see or feel or hear, or things I create or photograph.

I have to wait for the muse. At least, I do for now.

I am utterly committed to doing this in my own voice, to my own rhythms.



I’ve wanted to write about a few things that I’ve experienced lately, but I think they might still be percolating, so I haven’t pushed.

But even when I’m not writing, I think about you guys all the time.

I hope you’re well, and happy, and that if you’re not, that you have people around you who are standing in solidarity with you while times are a bit shit. I hope they’re only a bit shit.

If life is epically, gut wrenchingly shit, as it can sometimes be, perhaps my unexpected tears as I type this are for you.

The things that I believe truly matter in life are reflected in what Frances said today. I think we are here to tell our stories, and to take every opportunity we can to stand in solidarity with someone whose current chapter might be breaking their hearts.

We can’t possibly stand with everyone, but we can each stand with someone.

Stand by being there, stand by calling, stand by sending a card or dropping in a meal, stand in your prayers if you’re into divine communion, stand with them literally, or across the miles, but most of all, stand with open arms and hearts.



Frances is not only a great actress, I reckon she’s a pretty wise human too. Must be all that storytelling she’s done.


I’m still here. I may not be writing much, but I’m listening.

Tell me your story.


Annette x





16 thoughts on “The power of storytelling

  1. Heartfelt, authentic words, Annette. Wait to write until the percolation is complete and then you’d words will be at their best. Standing by a coup,e of friends at the moment. I hope it helps them.


  2. I love how you are honest about your feelings … thankyou Annette!
    writing about feelings is
    “emotional intelligence” … DANIEL GOLEMAN …
    (a book and pdf now I think!)
    it should be high on the curriculum in the education system!
    you are free to sook away hun!
    i’m always supporting all and sundry! it’s ok! I remain non attached! … mostly!
    it’s been a long time getting to this wisdom!
    what colour is that? lol m:)X


  3. Thanks for sharing Frances’ words, Annette – so much wisdom from both of you! Stories rock – I couldn’t live without them. Have you read Brene Brown – she has lots of thoughts on telling, sharing and owning our stories?


  4. So gorgeously written as always. I must say, I am thinking of pulling back from the number of times I post. Not because I don’t have something to say (I ALWAYS have something to say 😉 ) but because I wonder if I am missing out on the stories around me – other bloggers, but also my kids, my family and my friends.


  5. Beautiful and real as always, Annette. Story telling is pretty much what life is all about, hey? And I couldn’t agree more about waiting till you’re ready to share a story. Otherwise, it can be too forced and just not fun – writing is meant to be enjoyable (on the whole)! I have quite a few drafted stories still simmering away in the background that I’m sure will get out there in the big wide world of blogging sometime soon. Thanks for sharing and for being so lovely *fist bump*

    Also, “percolating” – what an excellent word.


  6. Hey Annette – such a great post. I ADORE Frances and I LOVED Olive Kitteridge. It was one of the most powerful bits of drama I have watched in a very long time. And I agree with Frances, sometimes a story, well told, IS enough. And I think you tell yours very well :-). xx


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