Creative Contentment

Good morning. How are you? Got yourself a coffee and a comfy seat? Great, me too.

As I made my coffee this morning I thought about what I need to have a day that’s enjoyable and recharges me.

It’s pretty simple – I need coffee and paints. (Okay, I like an almond croissant too, you got me!)

Realistically, I need shelter and my fluffy dressing gown, I’d like my couch and something in the fridge I can turn into a late lunch… but if I pare it back, a cuppa and a way to create is what really turns me on these days.

As I haven’t posted a 52 Paintings update for a while, and now that The 100 Day Project is over, I wanted to share some of this weekend’s #creativeplay with you. This is my version of BabyMac’s luscious home and garden photos.

Breakfast of champions


Arrows & Stripes


Abstract Geography


Flowers & Vines


52 Paintings

And it wouldn’t be a weekend without a little Saturday sketches action.


So, what do you need to relax? What recharges your batteries?

If you can count decades since you’ve reached for a colouring pencil or a paint brush, if you’re convinced you have little or no artistic talent – I’d like to throw down a creative challenge.

Disengage your “busy, adult” brain for about 20 minutes, grab yourself some art supplies and just doodle, draw, create, trace, sketch. Look out the window and draw the colours you see. Look at the latest thing you picked up at the op shop, and see if you can get a vague likeness on paper. That’s what this rose is.

The biggest challenge is to say no to your inner critic or any whisper that drawing, creating, simply playing is a waste of time. It’s not. That I can promise you.

It makes me so happy.




So there you have it, a little creative progress report, from me to you.

Have a great Sunday. Let me know if you need some pencils or watercolours, I’m happy to share.

Yours creatively,

Annette x


10 thoughts on “Creative Contentment

  1. I like your recharging requirements Annette! I am a simple girl – a little bit of quiet space and some quiet activities will do the trick for me. A book, some knitting or crocheting, a sketchbook and something to illustrate with is all that I need to fill that quiet space and give me that spark of energy. If I had someone serving me endless cups of tea, that would be the icing on the cake! Hope you have enjoyed your Sunday x


  2. I would love to come and bring my coffee and share some paints with you! I so agree about the creating something, anything. I love to have some time when I can just grab my sketchbook and have a little draw or paint. In fact that is what I plan to do today. I watched a pattern making class on Skillshare and I fancy giving it a go.
    Your paintings are looking great and I love the way you incorporate sketches in there too.
    Enjoy that croissant xxx


  3. Think I am going to get my paints out! Thank you for the reminder that creativity brings a comfort all it’s own. 🙂
    PS. Have I told you lately how much I love all your paintings and drawings?!


  4. Ooh me likey the Arrows and Abstract Geography ones. Go you good thing!

    I have been feeling the need for some quiet time where I can relax and recharge too. At the moment, I just need a good book, a blanket, and a cup of tea. And QUIET. And no SCREENS. Yes, definitely need to do this more.


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